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Start Year: 2016

Economics of production of laying Japanese quails fed with different energy sources in semi-arid environment of Gashua, Yobe State, Nigeria   |   Article Number: A3ACF7071   |   Vol.7 (6) - December 2022

Received Date: 12 August 2022   |   Accepted Date: 09 November 2022  |   Published Date: 30 December 2022

Authors:  Maidala, A.* , Lawan, A. , Amaza, B. I. , Sudik, S. D. , Dunya, M. A. , Adejumo, I. O. , Makinde, O. J. , Hanafi, Y. and Bomoi, A. S.

Keywords: gross margin, cost of production, economics of production, hen day, quails.

An experiment was conducted to assess the economics of production of laying Japanese quails fed millet and sorghum as alternatives to maize. Three hundred (300) day old quails were sourced form National Veterinary Institute Jos. The birds were brooded for two weeks and randomly allotted to three (3) different energy sources i.e. maize, millet and sorghum designated as treatment 1, 2 and 3 respectively. The birds were fed with experimental diets for six months. The economics of production were determined based on the prevailing market price as of the time of experiment. Results showed that hen day egg production (80.21-84.51%), feed cost (N169.67-174.00), total number of eggs produced (2246-2366), total price of eggs (N 67,380.00-70.980.00), revenue (N 92,780.42-95,621.51) and gross margin (N 57,105.40-61,900.09) were not affected by the different energy sources. It can be concluded that millet and sorghum can be alternative to maize without depressed in egg production, reduction in cost of production and higher gross margin.

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