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DOI: 10.31248/JASVM
Start Year: 2016

CURRENT ISSUE (Vol.7 (6) December 2022)

Economics Of Production Of Laying Japanese Quails Fed With Different Energy Sources In Semi-arid Environment Of Gashua, Yobe State, Nigeria
An experiment was conducted to assess the economics of production of laying Japanese quails fed millet and sorghum as alternatives to maize. Three hundred (300) day old quails were sourced form National Veterinary Institute Jos. The birds were brooded for two weeks and randomly allotted to three (3) different energy sources i.e. maize, millet and sorghum... Continue here

Effects Of Oral Administration Of Monosodium Glutamate (msg) On Semen Characteristics And Sperm Morphology Of The West African Dwarf Bucks (capra Hircus)
Monosodium glutamate (MSG) is a sodium salt of glutamic acid, popularly known as (Ajinomoto) and indiscriminately consumed as a flavour enhancer in various foods. The consequences of Monosodium glutamate consumption on semen characteristics and sperm morphology remain unknown. This study aimed to investigate the effects of MSG on semen characteristics and sperm... Continue here

Bioconversion Of Fermented Tofu Waste Into High Protein Alternative Feed Using Black Soldier Fly (hermetia Illucens)
This study determines the life cycle and nutritional content of Black Soldier Fly (Hermetia illucens) larvae cultured on fermented tofu waste. The materials used in the study were tofu pulp, fermented tofu pulp, tempeh yeast, and the eggs of H. illucens fly. This study used a Completely Randomized Design with four treatments with five replications. The treatments... Continue here

Sequential Effects Of Experimental Newcastle Disease Virus On Performance And Severity Of Clinical Manifestation Of The Disease In Three Indigenous Nigerian Genotypes Of Chickens
Newcastle disease has been identified as a killer viral infection associated with high case fatality in poultry. This study was conducted to evaluate the sequential effects of experimental Newcastle disease on the performance and severity of clinical manifestation of the disease in three indigenous Nigerian genotypes of chickens. A total of 180 day-old Nigerian... Continue here

Effect Of Multi-enzyme Complex And Feed Form On Growth Performance, Slaughter Characteristic, Total Tract Nutrient Digestibility, And Energy Utilization In Broiler Chickens
This study was conducted to investigate the effect of dietary supplementation of exogenous multi-enzyme complex and feed form on growth performance, slaughter characteristics, nutrient digestibility, phosphorus (P), calcium (Ca), and nitrogen-corrected apparent metabolizable energy (AMEn) utilization in broilers fed corn–soybean meal diets. A total of 312... Continue here

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