Processing Fees

Processing Fees

Why Processing Fee?

Open access model of publication gives free access to all published articles. Published articles can be view, download, print, and redistribute without any restriction or subscription. Hence, Integrity Research Journals is a self-supporting organization and the management of the journals is solely financed by the processing fee received from authors. The processing fee of articles are paid from an author's research grant, or by their supporting institution. The ability to pay for your article does not guarantee the acceptance and publication of such article. Hence, authors are advice to make payment only when their article has been accepted by the editor.


Waivers Policy

Authors who cannot make full payment are advice to apply for partial waiver as soon as their article is submitted. Partial waiver can be granted to authors after due consideration. In order to encourage researchers from developing countries, authors from LOW INCOME AND LOWER MIDDLE INCOME countries (developing countries) declared by World Bank will be given automatic 50% waiver of the Article Processing Fee (click here to see the list).


Article Processing Fee

The Article Processing Fee is flexible depending on the country of the author as classified by World Bank: LOW-INCOME ECONOMIES, LOWER-MIDDLE INCOME ECONOMIES, UPPER-MIDDLE-INCOME ECONOMIES and HIGH-INCOME ECONOMIES (see the list of countries and classification). Authors from LOW-INCOME ECONOMIES and LOWER-MIDDLE INCOME ECONOMIES countries are granted 50% automatic partial waiver as earlier stated above. Authors are encouraged to contact the Account Department via on any issue related to Article Processing Fee, Waivers and any other form of charges. Integrity Research Journals receive payment through the online payment platform (third party). Although, other payment options like Bank Transfer, Western Union or Money Gram are also available on the author's request.

NOTE: Integrity Research Journals only request payment (Article Processing Fee) from the authors only when their manuscript(s) has/have been accepted for publication by the respective Journal Editors.