Integrity Research Journals

ISSN: 2705-2214
DOI: 10.31248/JPHD

Waiver Policy

We understand the financial constraints of some institutions and their researchers especially in developing countries. Thus, we have instituted a waiver policy that encourages researchers to publish their research work in the Journal of Public Health and Diseases irrespective of their financial constraints. We grant automatic waivers to authors based on the World Bank Country Classifications. Authors from LOW-INCOME ECONOMIES COUNTRIES are granted 65% automatic waiver, LOWER-MIDDLE INCOME ECONOMIES (55%), UPPER-MIDDLE-INCOME ECONOMIES (25%) and HIGH-INCOME ECONOMIES (0%).  Please see Processing Fee and World Bank Country Classification.
Authors who cannot make full payment are advice to apply for partial waiver as soon as their manuscript is submitted for publication. In extreme cases and after due consideration, it is also not unusual to grant full waivers to authors. However, authors should not take the advantages of our leniency.
Authors should contact the Account Unit at for any issues related to fee, payment and waiver.