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ISSN: 2536-7099
Model: Open Access/Peer Reviewed
DOI: 10.31248/JASVM
Start Year: 2016

ISSUE (Vol.2 (4) - August 30th, 2017)

Prevalence And Influence Of Qualitative Traits On Morphometric Traits In West African Dwarf Goat In Oruk Anam Local Government Area Of Akwa Ibom State
The study was conducted to assess the prevalence of qualitative traits and their influence on morphometric traits. A total of 499 West African Dwarf (WAD) goats were used comprising of 113 and 386 males and females respectively. The qualitative and morphometric traits were identified and their associations were assessed. The distribution and frequencies of... Continue here

Role Of Physiological Status Of Ruminant Animals Reared In Lafia Metropolis On Gastrointestinal Parasites Burden
In Nigeria, cattle, sheep and goats are reared basically under extensive production system. In some cases, these animals irrespective of their species and breeds are reared together especially under the modified urban or peri-urban system, hence, the possibility of cross-transmission of gastrointestinal parasites resulting in heavy parasites burden. There are... Continue here

Effect Of Egg Weight On External And Internal Egg Quality Traits Of Isa Brown Egg Layer Chickens In Nigeria
This study was designed to determine the effect of egg weight on internal and external egg quality characteristics of Isa brown egg layer chickens. A total number of 105 eggs collected within 24 hours of lay were used for the study. Eggs were numbered, weighed and classified into three egg weight groups: Light (less than 49.99 g), medium (50 to 55 g) and heavy... Continue here

Gastrointestinal Helminths Of West African Dwarf (wad) Goats In Ido Local Government Area, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria
A study on the prevalence of fecal helminth parasites in adult WAD goats was carried out in five different areas of Ido Local Government Area of Oyo State, Nigeria. The objectives of the study were to determine the prevalence of fecal helminth parasites of goats in some areas including Gbekuba, Adabeji, Adifase, Owode and Lade-Owo as well as the genera... Continue here

Discriminant Analysis Of Sexual Dimorphism In Zoometrical Characters Of Normal Feathered Yoruba Ecotype Adult Local Chicken In The Tropical Forest Zone Of Nigeria
Measurement of some zoometrical traits and calculated indices in male and female local chickens were undertaken as means of differentiation between the sexes out of numerous measurements that could be taken and indices that could be calculated. Data on body weight (BW), breast circumference (BC), wing span (WS), Ornithological measurement (OM), total leg length... Continue here

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