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ISSUE (Vol.4 (2) - April 30th, 2023)

The Language Factor In The Politics Of Ethnic Identity Among The West Niger Igbo Of Nigeria
The West Niger Igbo forms one of the six sub-cultural groups of Igboland. The other five sub-groups include: Northern, Southern, Northeastern, or what Afigbo called Ogu-Ukwu, Southeastern or Cross River, and Riverain. In fact substantial parts of West Niger, Northern, and Southern sub-groups constitute the Riverain sub-group. Although all the six sub-groups have... Continue here

The Feminist Dimension Of Niger River Exploration: Accounts Of Memorable Confrontations Between The African Woman And The Nineteenth Century European Explorer Mungo Park
The exploration of West Africa through the tortuous search of the once elusive River Niger by Europeans is no doubt a popular theme in the history of West Africa. But very little has been written about the significant roles of the African woman in the overall process of the various expeditions by European explorers in search of the Niger. That there is therefore a... Continue here

Prank As Social Media Comedy In Nigeria: Chibuikeā€™s African Snake Man Prank And Iboji Grave Prank As Examples
Prank videos have become the new-normal on social media. Pranks like smashing a stranger's phone, eating cow dung, and eating poisonous insects, have gone viral on social media sites like Facebook and Tiktok, and because social media offers content creators quick fame, stardom and wealth, content creators are ready to do anything including risking their lives... Continue here

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