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Politics Of Indifference: The Case Of Nigeria
The paper aims at exposing the deep-rooted phenomenal issue of politics of indifference in the Nigerian state. The paper makes conceptual analyses of politics, indifference and politics of indifference. The paper also examines the politics of indifference in Nigeria, and identifies it as a cog in the wheel of the nation’s social, economic, political and... Continue here

Conflict Resolution In Nigerian Partisan Politics: Insights From The Quest For Leadership In Markan Narratives
The quest for leadership, request to secure the foremost seats of influence at the side of Jesus (as done by James and John), is evident within Markan narratives. After this indecorous request, conflict crept into the camp of Jesus’ twelve disciples as the ten other disciples fumed over James’ and John’s bid to outflank them in prominence. Extant... Continue here

Rereading Psalm 121 In An African (yoruba) Context
This article is an attempt to reread Psalm 121 in an African context with reference to the culture of the Yoruba people of Nigeria. The study considers certain Eurocentric interpretation of the Book of Psalms which Africans maintained do not meet their social, physical and spiritual aspirations. An African interpretation of the Bible is an interpretation which... Continue here

An Investigation Of The Effects Of Ethno-religious Conflicts On Security In Taraba State, Nigeria, 1991-2020
Since independence, Nigeria has been experiencing high level of violence, crime and criminality in all geo-political zones, posing great threat to national security, and social, political and economic development. Such disturbing phenomena include the political crises of the First Republic; the religious crisis of the 1980s; the ethno-religious crises of the... Continue here

Women, Marginalisation And Politics In Africa And Asia
Across the world, women are on the fringes in all facets of life endeavours- economy, education, governance, and politics compared to their male counterparts. Irrespective of the geographical location, women are culturally and socially disadvantaged. They are systematically deprived of individual choices, economic opportunities, political rights, political power... Continue here

Liberal Democracy And Globalized Capitalism In Africa: Perspective From Heidegger
This paper sets out to defend a set of mutually inclusive theses. First, it argues that liberal democracy’s sojourn in Africa is not political but economic. Secondly, that there is nothing natural about capitalism, rather capitalism was forcefully globalized in order to create the false impression that man is by nature motivated by self-interest or profit.... Continue here

A Stylistic Study Of Selected Poems In Jide Balogun’s ‘the Desert In The River’
Every society in a quest for nationhood undergoes series of stages, which are inevitable and necessary for its growth. Nigeria’s pursuit for legitimate growth and development has been hampered by certain hindrances which have brought the nation to disrepute and slow development. This paper explores, from a linguistic perspective, the varying thematic issues... Continue here

Fair-minded Critical Thinking: Towards A Reconciliation Of The Self And The Other
This work examines the role which fair-minded critical thinking can play in the attempt to reconcile the self with the other. It argues that much of the problems encountered in human relations arise from either uncritical thinking or unfair-minded critical thinking. This happens as a result of the enthronement of both the individual and social ego, on account of... Continue here

A Critical Discourse Analysis Of Selected News Reports Of South Africa Xenophobic Attacks Of Nigerians
The incessant xenophobic attacks of Nigerians and other foreign nationals in South Africa have generated a unique discourse in the Nigerian media and in fact, other mainstream media on the African continent and international scene. These attacks are viewed by the international community as incompatible with 21st century civility. This paper therefore, engages the... Continue here

Critical Thinking; The Father Of All Disciplines
Looking at the history of philosophy, one will see that philosophy is often credited with the attributes of critical thinking, hence, critical thinking is always discussed as a tool of or the same as philosophy. Whereas it seems almost impossible to find philosophy or philosophizing without critical thinking, it may not be true to say that they are the same. This... Continue here

The Socio-economic Importance Of Calabar Carnival On The Economic Development Of Cross River State
The study investigates the socio-economic importance of the Calabar Carnival on the economic development of Cross River State, Nigeria. To establish the relationship between the festival and the development of Cross Rivers State, hypotheses were formulated based on the identified major independent variables namely: employment creation, income generation, and... Continue here

Effect Of Testosterone Administration On The Eating And Mating Behaviours Of Female Albino Rats
The study investigated the effect of testosterone administration on the eating and mating behaviour of female albino rats. Nine (9) female Wister (albino) rats and three (3) stimulus male albino rats were obtained from the Faculty Pharmacy, University of Uyo, Uyo. The female albino rats weighed 165 to 215 g before administration of testosterone, and 173 to 235 g... Continue here

Issues And Challenges Confronting Muslim Student-mothers In Gombe State Tertiary Institutions (a Case Study Of Federal University Of Kashere, Gombe State, Nigeria)
The aim of this study was to identify the domestic and academic challenges that are confronting Muslim student-mothers in Gombe state tertiary institutions. A qualitative approach was adopted for this study. The purposive sampling technique was used to select 30 respondents from a group of Muslim student-mothers in Federal University of Kashere. It was observed... Continue here

The Manipulation Of Religion In Nigeria, 1977-1987, Yusufu Bala Usman (zaria: Yusufu Bala Usman Institute, 2020), 166 Pp. Isbn-978-978-2557-08-7, Price: N1,500 ($3.60)
A wit once claimed for Nigeria the distinction of being ‘God’s own’ country. In a similar vein, Nigerians were recently adjudged as the most ‘religious’ people in the world. Ironically however, this puritan ‘image’ contrasts sharply with the popular persona embodied in the Nigerian ‘factor’-a euphemism for the... Continue here

The Contextuality Of African Methods Of Biblical Interpretation With Particular Reference To Post-colonial Interpretation And African Feminist Hermeneutics: Issues And Challenges
Today the Christian churches and Christianity are thriving in Africa as almost cannot be found elsewhere. There are at least 685 million Christians on the continent. While Christianity is traversing the multi-coloured cultures of Africa, points of departure from the old western classical interpretation of the Bible exist. The work employs the historical... Continue here

The Significance Of Basiliea In Political Leadership In Nigeria
The Greek term Basiliea means the Kingdom of God. It is the reign of God and not a geographical location or territory. Basiliea is significant in the Bible considering the fact that God’s sovereign reign and dominion brought justice and peace. Therefore, the paper examined the significance of Basiliea in political leadership in the country with the view of... Continue here

Towards A Theorization Of Communal War Subgenre Of Action Film In Selected Nollywood Films
The action film is one film genre that has attracted serious attention in scholarship. The hero in this genre is presented in a plethora of challenging situations that primarily revolve around violence, close fights, desperate chases, explosions and other life-threatening physical conditions.  The action film in Nollywood currently focuses only on an... Continue here

Transitivity And Mood In Helon Habila’s Waiting For An Angel And Ngózi Chuma-udeh’s Forlorn Fate
This study examines transitivity and mood in Helon Habila’s Waiting for an Angel and Ngozi Chuma-Udeh’s Forlorn Fate. It is a textual analysis with particular emphasis on the functional value of the language use in relation to the transitivity system and mood system inherent in the extracted sentences which form the data and their significance. The... Continue here

Inculturation In Roman Catholic And Anglican Churches In Igboland, 1857 To 1960
The Roman Catholic and Anglican Churches have stayed for more than a century, yet the gospel had not taken root in Igboland. These churches were selected for this study owing to the fact that they were the foremost churches that evangelized Igboland. The legacies laid by the Roman Catholic Mission (RCM) and Church Missionary Society (CMS) on inculturation have... Continue here

Christianization Without Westernization: A Study Of Acts 15:19-20 In Relation To African-western Discriminatory Bias
It is a happy news and a welcome development that Christianity registered an incomparable acceptance and growth in Africa. Religion deals with faith. It can make or mar the people’s development depending on how it is presented. It is appreciable that Christian missionaries to Africa brought with them civilization, ranging from education, politics, and even... Continue here

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