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ISSN: 2756-6684
Model: Open Access/Peer Reviewed
DOI: 10.31248/AJPS
Start Year: 2018

2D modelling of high resolution aeromagnetic data over northern sector of Bida basin north-central Nigeria   |   Article Number: 47BB569F1   |   Vol.2 (4) - October 2020

Received Date: 27 August 2020   |   Accepted Date: 23 September 2020  |   Published Date: 30 October 2020

Authors:  J. Barka* and A. Nur

Keywords: 2D modeling, analytical signal, graben structure, high resolution aeromagnetic, hydrocarbon exploration.

The study was carried out in the northern sector of Bida basin. The study focuses on mapping depths to magnetic basement and basement structural framework that may assist in delineating overlying sedimentary sections that have prospect for hydrocarbon exploration. High resolution aeromagnetic data of the study area was subjected to regional residual separation, analytic signal and 2D modeling using Oasis Montaj geo-software. Results of the analytic signal demarcated the basement/sedimentary contact, interpretation of 2D geologic models revealed a horst and graben structures underlying the sedimentary formations in the northern sector of Bida basin. The graben structures having sedimentary fills to a depth greater than 2 km were viewed as favourable sites for source rock development. In view of the aforementioned areas around Bakoni, northeast of Tshipo, Enagi and southwest of Wuya with thick sedimentary piles were recommended for further application of other geophysical methods of better resolving power to explore the area for hydrocarbon; since the basin has potentials for hydrocarbon generation.

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