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Geophysical Investigation Of The Seismogenic Monitoring Center, Ile-ife, Nigeria
2D electrical resistivity tomography was carried out at Ile-Ife seismographic station, Osun state Nigeria with the aim of investigating the geological structures beneath the station in order to identify areas of anomalous resistivity are related to fractures or fault lines and also determine the lithologies of the subsurface. The survey was carried out with... Continue here

Study Of Electronic And Transport Properties Of Melanin Structure Using Density Functional Theory
Organic semiconductors are a relatively new member of the semiconductor family and composed of molecules containing carbon, hydrogen, and another element. Melanin is a pigment that colours skin, eyes and hair and it could soon be facing a new generation of biologically friendly electronic devices in applications such as medical sensor and tissue stimulation... Continue here

Correlation Of Geoelectrical And Geotechnical Parameters Of Data Obtained From Geophysical Survey Conducted At Ahmadu Bello University Phase Ii, Zaria, Nigeria
Vertical electrical soundings (VES) and standard penetration test (SPT) were carried out at Ahmadu Bello University Phase II, Zaria, Nigeria, with the aim of correlating between transverse resistance (T) and number of blows per counts (N-value) for foundation studies. Two (2) SPT and VES using Schlumberger electrodes array, were conducted within the study area.... Continue here

Qualitative Aeromagnetic Interpretation Over Ikogosi Warm Spring, Southwestern Nigeria
In this paper, lineaments of Ikogosi warm spring and its environs have been delineated using qualitative methods. Boundary structures or lineaments between magnetic units were delineated using the first horizontal derivative map and skeletonization of derivative-based data. Also, the residual anomaly contour map was digitized into ten profiles, profiles’... Continue here

Geodynamics And Its Implications To Environmental Protection: A Case Study Of Aule Area, Akure, Ondo State, Southwestern Nigeria
This research work evaluates the effects of geodynamics processes on the emerging local geology of an area, especially against the background of global tectonic activities, the gradual but continuous earth movement and the depletion of the ozone layer, as it were and its implications on the local geology of a place, especially as it affects the rate of weathering,... Continue here

Application Of 3d Electrical Resistivity Tomography To Building Foundation – A Case Study Of Ahmadu Bello University
The recent failure of building foundations such as cracks, structural differential settlements and collapse has now become a great concern to geoscientists. A new site at Ahmadu Bello University, Nigeria, was investigated to explore the suitability of the subsurface material for the foundations of buildings, identify weak zones that may be prone to subsidence and... Continue here

Challenges Of Data Capturing In Smart Cities
Smart cities are becoming more ubiquitous. It covers all areas that makes the standard of living of the citizens easier. Sensors are implanted everywhere in the city to make the capturing of data much easier and in real time. These sensors communicate with each other using internet of things. There might be failure in the devices that are implanted in the cities... Continue here

Non-degenerate Fourth Order Perturbation Theory
There exist several forms of perturbation theory in Quantum Mechanics, namely: non-degenerate perturbation theory, degenerate perturbation theory, time-dependent perturbation theory, time-constant perturbation theory and time-harmonic perturbation theory. This paper presents an extension of the perturbation theory for non-degenerate states.  It has been... Continue here

Evaluation Of Structural Defects And The Dynamic Of Stress And Strain On A Building Along Oluwole Area, Southwestern Nigeria
This research was carried out within the Basement Complex terrain along Oluwole, off Akure High School, Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria, with the aim to ascertain the reasons for the major cracks and sign of apparent failures observed in a building few years after its construction and usage. The geophysical investigation involved two electrical resistivity techniques;... Continue here

Modeling Of Groundwater Potential Using Remotely Sensed Data Within Akure Metropolis, Ondo State, Southwestern Nigeria
Integrated investigations involving remote sensing and geology have been conducted with the aim of modeling groundwater potential zones within Akure metropolis, Ondo State, Southwestern Nigeria. Groundwater potential zones were delineated with the help of remote sensing and geology. Land sat imageries were used for land use/land cover mapping and lineament... Continue here

Geo-electrical Investigation For Groundwater Potential Of Kaltungo And Environs, North Eastern Nigeria
An investigation of groundwater potential using Vertical Electrical Sounding (VES) and adopting the Schlumberger configuration with a maximum electrode spread of 100 m have been carried out in Kaltungo and environs. This was carried out with the aimed at evaluating geo-electrical parameters for the exploration of groundwater using the Omega Resistivity Meter.... Continue here

Regional Groundwater Studies Using High-resolution Aeromagnetic Data In Abuja And Environs, North-central Nigeria
Abuja and environs usually experiences water shortage during the dry season as a result of rapid population growth, due to the fact that the water from Lower Usuma Dam used for domestic and industrial purposes are no longer sufficient to cater for its teeming population. The shortage can be minimized through better understanding of lineament configurations of the... Continue here

Determination Of Sediments Thickness In Part Of Lower Benue Trough, Nigeria, From The Residualization Of Aeromagnetic Data: Implication For Diversification Of The Nigerian Economy
Aeromagnetic data were used in the study to determine the sediment thickness in the Lower Benue Trough. To achieve the objectives of the study, geophysical techniques were employed to analyze four aeromagnetic maps on a scale of 1:100,000, covering parts of the Lower Benue Trough. These include map merging, polynomial fitting, directional derivatives and forward... Continue here

2d Modelling Of High Resolution Aeromagnetic Data Over Northern Sector Of Bida Basin North-central Nigeria
The study was carried out in the northern sector of Bida basin. The study focuses on mapping depths to magnetic basement and basement structural framework that may assist in delineating overlying sedimentary sections that have prospect for hydrocarbon exploration. High resolution aeromagnetic data of the study area was subjected to regional residual separation,... Continue here

Quantitative Discovery And Geophysical Estimation Of Limestone Deposits At Takowangwa Area, Mokwa, North-central Nigeria
Takowangwa area in Mokwa, Niger State, North-Central Nigeria was probed using Electrical Resistivity (ER) and Induced Potential (IP) methods to discover possible limestone deposits. The probe was conducted at five profiles, within which 25 Vertical Electrical Soundings (VES) were carried out. The Terrameter SAS 4000 for which the maximum current electrode spacing... Continue here

Acute Epileptic Electricity Supply In Isoko North Local Government Area Of Delta State: Its Causes And Remediation
Epileptic electric power supply had become a common factor in Isoko North Local Government Area of Delta State, Nigeria. This study looks at the immediate causes of the prolong power failure in the area, in order to proffer solutions to them. Field work and questionnaires were used to obtain data for this study. During the field work, the main 33 KVA Isoko-Kwale... Continue here

Evaluating The Geotechnical And Electrical Properties Of Soil Samples Around Delta State Polytechnic, Ozoro, Nigeria
Effective earthing system is the lifeline of any electrical wiring and installations. This study was done to evaluate the geotechnical (moisture content and electrical conductivity) and electrical properties of soil samples within the school of engineering complex, Delta State Polytechnic, Ozoro, Nigeria. All the geotechnical and electrical parameters investigated... Continue here

Performance Evaluation Of Inter-cell Interference Prediction In Massive Mimo
This paper presents inter-cell interference prediction in massive multiple input multiple output. The rapid demand for widespread multimedia services notwithstanding the deployment of 4G in Lagos, Nigeria and the urgent need to upgrade to 5G networks with downlink and uplink data capacities of not less than 300 and 60 Mbps, respectively for at least 95%... Continue here

Series Of 1-d Er And Ip Traverses Reveal Vestige Of Regional Geological Structure
At the Basement Complex geological province of central Nigeria, in the state of Niger, just northeast of the Bida Sedimentary Basin, there is the character of non-complexity and high uniformity in the local geology over an appreciable linear spread. This appreciation makes it a standard practice to do one-dimensional vertical electrical sounding surveys in the... Continue here

Evaluation Of The Compressive Strength Of Commercial Sandcrete Blocks Produced In Two Metropolises Of Delta State, Nigeria
The mechanical properties of sandcrete block greatly influenced the durability of structures built from it. This study was carried out to assess the compressive strength of sandcrete blocks produced in two major developmental and rapidly urbanizing zones of Delta State, Nigeria. 150 and 225 mm sandcrete blocks were sampled from 18 blocks moulding factories in... Continue here

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