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ISSN: 2705-2214
Model: Open Access/Peer Reviewed
DOI: 10.31248/JPHD
Start Year: 2018

Application of nanoparticles in the control and management of pathogenic microorganisms   |   Article Number: 2E01AFB81   |   Vol.1 (2) - October 2018

Received Date: 07 August 2018   |   Accepted Date: 29 August 2018  |   Published Date: 30 October 2018

Authors:  Jesse I. A.* , Mamman P. G. , Umar A. O. , Aliyu A. M. , Ibrahim H. O. , Busari M. B. , Amuzat A. O. and Adisa M. J.

Keywords: toxicity, parasites, Nanoparticles, nano pesticides

In the past few decades, there have been growing interests in the use of nanoparticles (NPs) in combating infectious diseases. This is due to their unique size, shape and significantly improved physical, chemical, biological and antimicrobial properties at the nanoscale. Different types of NPs like gallium, copper, zinc, titanium, magnesium, gold and silver have been developed. However, silver nanoparticles have proved to be most effective as they exhibit potent antimicrobial efficacy against pathogenic bacteria, fungi, virus and parasites. Diagnosis and treatment of diseases can be done using NPs because they have been found to be very sensitive and specific in detection of pathogens. More so, some are inexpensive and easily reproducible. The progress in development of nanopesticides, nanovaccine as well as nanodiagnostic tools are opening up new avenues in the management of infectious diseases. However, there are challenges particularly the toxicity, which is a big issue of public health concerns. This review outlines the conceivable opportunities regarding the application of NPs for the control and management of pathogenic microorganisms.

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