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Cervical Fibroid: A Rare Case Presentation At Abia State University Teaching Hospital (a Case Report)
Fibroids are common benign tumours which arise from the uterine myometrium or less commonly from the cervix. About 95% of fibroids occur in the body of the uterus and less than 5% occurs in the cervix. Cervical fibroids polyps are relatively uncommon; however, they give rise to the greatest surgical difficulty due to relative inaccessibility and the close... Continue here

A Clinical Study To Assess The Incidence Of Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infections (cauti) By Leukouria And Nitrite Analysis Using Dipstick Urinalysis In Tertiary Health Facility In Jos, Nigeria
Insertion of a catheter carries a high risk, with daily incidence of bacteriuria of 3 to 10%. Between 10 and 30% of patients who undergo short-term catheterization (i,e, 2 to 4 days) develop bacteriuria and are asymptomatic. Between 90 and 100% of patients who undergo long-term catheterization develop bacteriuria. About 80% of nosocomial UTIs are related to... Continue here

A Clinical Study To Assess Gender Predisposition To Catheter-associated Urinary Tract Infections (cauti) By Leukouria And Nitrite Analysis Using Dipstick Urinalysis In Plateau Specialist Hospital Jos, Nigeria
Research studies have shown that urinary tract infection is most common amongst women, due to their anatomical differences from men. However, catheter-associated urinary tract infection is a nosocomial based infection. The objective of this research is to assess the gender predisposition to catheter-associated urinary tract infection by leukouria and nitrite... Continue here

Importance Of Fine Needle Aspirate In Thyroid Pathology In The Lebanese Population- A Retrospective Analytical Study Of Thyroid Diseases From 2015 To 2017
Thyroid cancer is the most common malignant endocrine tumor. Its clinical presentation is usually as a solitary thyroid nodule of increasing goiter size. As for diagnosis, ultrasound-guided thyroid Fine Needle Aspirate (FNA) followed by cytological examination is considered the standard practice due to its cost effective and minimally invasive nature. In this... Continue here

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