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Economic Burden Of Households Affected By Cancer Among Patients Attending Jos University Teaching Hospital, Plateau State, Nigeria
The economic burden of cancer is very high; health care providers need to provide quality cost-effective care that will shorten the stay of patients in the hospital and reduce the frequency of visit to health facilities. This study provides information about the economic burden of households affected by cancer among patients attending Jos University Teaching... Continue here

Expression Of Some Resistant Genes On Six Elizabethkingia Spp. Strains Isolated In Vietnam
This study focused on the assessment of the multiantibiotic-resistance and gene expression associated with multi-drug resistance in Elizabethkingia. Six Elizabethkingia spp. strains were isolated from patient samples, and the antibiotic-resistance of the six isolates with all 14 tested antibiotics was confirmed. MacConkey subculture and 16S rRNA sequencing were... Continue here

Appraisal Of The Payment Coping Mechanism Of Households Affected By Cancer Among Patients Attending Jos University Teaching Hospital, Plateau State, Nigeria
Cancer is a major public health issue that has impoverishing effects on households. This study assessed the payment coping mechanism of households affected by cancer among patients attending Jos University Teaching Hospital, Plateau State, Nigeria. This is a descriptive cross-sectional survey involving 179 cancer patients attending Jos University Teaching... Continue here

Monkeypox Virus- Identification And Significance As A Preparedness To Enhance Public Health
Monkeypox virus is a linear double-stranded DNA virus that belongs to the family Poxviridae of the genus Orthopoxvirus. This study provides information about identification, incidence and prevalence rate and aetiopathogenesis of the monkeypox virus in Africa and also the study of its epidemiology on human is well explained. However, the study gives details about... Continue here

Determinants Of Geospatial Distribution Of Parasitaemia Among Patients Infected With Plasmodium Falciparum Malaria In Ondo State, Southwest, Nigeria
: Malaria is a disease caused by Plasmodium parasites which is transmitted by female Anopheles mosquitoes. It remains one of the most deadly diseases globally and especially in the tropical nations of the world. In the clinical setting, the level of parasitaemia is useful as one of the criteria in defining “severe Plasmodium falciparum malaria” and to... Continue here

Sero-prevalence Of Plasmodium Falciparum And Plasmodium Malariae Among Hiv-positive Patients In Jos, Plateau State, North-central Nigeria
Malaria is a leading cause of disease burden in Nigeria, although surprisingly few contemporary, age-stratified data exist on malaria epidemiology in the country. Transmission of Plasmodium falciparum and P. Malariae among HIV –infected individuals was studied in Jos, Central Nigeria to ascertain the prevalence of malaria and HIV infection with a specific... Continue here

Knowledge, Perception And Precautions Of The Lebanese Population Regarding The Novel Coronavirus Outbreak: A Cross-sectional Study Between 18 And 22 March 2020
In the middle of the novel coronavirus pandemic, controlling the outbreak is the global priority. Many features, such as rate and mode of transmission make the containment of the virus harder comparing with other coronaviruses. Evaluating the knowledge, perception and precautions taken by the Lebanese population is crucial in controlling the outbreak and guiding... Continue here

Spironolactone-digoxin Synergizes Gynecomastia: A Case Report
Gynecomastia refers to a proliferation of breast tissue in the males that causes imbalances in estrogen and androgen levels, resulting in increased or unopposed estrogen action on breast tissue, where underlying aetiology might be physiological or pathological. Approximately 10 to 25% cases of gynecomastia are in associated with drugs. There are many drugs... Continue here

Sociodemographic And Risk Factors Of Cervical Cancer Among Female Staff Of Federal Medical Centre, Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria
This study examines the sociodemographic and risk factors for cervical cancer among female staff of Federal Medical Centre, Owerri, Imo State Nigeria. It is a descriptive cross-sectional survey which was conducted among 400 female staff using predesigned semi-structured questionnaires. The sampling technique adopted was systematic sampling technique. Data analyses... Continue here

A Spotlight The Zimbabwe National Health Policy (2016-2020)
This study examines the national health strategy employed by the Zimbabwean government for the period 2016-2020. The study is structured in a manner that it provides a conceptualisation of the issues under discussion then probes into the situation under which the strategy was adopted, the priority areas identified by the strategy in conjunction with the... Continue here

Correlates Of Tobacco Smoking Among Residents Of An Urban Community In Northern Nigeria
Smoking is a public health problem that is a significant risk factor for heart attacks, strokes, chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases and cancers. Smoking accounts for one in every five deaths among men and one in every 20 deaths among women globally. World health organization (WHO) has estimated that about 1.3 billion people smoke worldwide, and the vast... Continue here

A Review On The State Of Abattoirs In Nigeria During Covid-19 Pandemic Era: Potential Threats And Public Health Interventions
The Coronavirus Disease-2019 (COVID-19) is an emerging zoonotic disease with global impact. Different intervention measures have been rolled out to flatten the curve, however the unhygienic conditions of abattoirs in Nigeria may be a perfect breeding ground for the novel coronavirus, hence could pose a threat to public health. The severe acute respiratory syndrome... Continue here

Prevalence Of Allergens Of Atopic Asthma At Square Hospitals Limited, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Asthma is one of the major substantial public health problems, caused by both the genetic and the environmental factors (allergens and air pollution). Here, the prevalence of allergens of atopic asthma was investigated and carried out at Square Hospitals Limited., Dhaka from November 2019 to July 2020. The study group consisted of 168 asthmatic subjects who... Continue here

Statistical Simulations Of Infectious Diseases In Southwestern Nigeria (a Case Study Of Ekiti And Oyo State)
This study adopts Markov chain to simulate some infectious diseases in two States (Ekiti and Oyo) of southwestern Nigeria, to describe the situations where the outcome of infectious diseases depends only on the outcome of the previous cases of the diseases. The next state of the process depends only on the present state, not on the preceding states. The main... Continue here

Coping Mechanisms Among Patients With Diabetes Mellitus (type 1 & 2) In University College Hospital, Ibadan, Nigeria
Data on coping mechanism of patients with diabetes mellitus (type I and II) are important yet lacking in developing countries like Nigeria, and particularly in southwest Nigeria. Diabetes mellitus (DM), one of the leading Non-communicable Diseases (NCDs) has a major impact on both the diagnosed individual and the public health system, hence the present study. The... Continue here

Transmission, Entry And Pattern Of Infection Of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (sars-cov-2)
Ever since the first case of SARS-CoV-2 infection was detected, the World Health Organization (WHO) has been working intimately with clinicians and other health care workers to provide care for affected COVID-19 patients. Transmission of the virus occurs through the spread of respiratory and salivary droplets from persons to persons. It is expected that an... Continue here

Helminth Infections In Children In Anza-ihugh, Vandeikya Local Government Area Of Benue State, Central Nigeria
This study was carried out to examine the prevalence of helminth infection among children in Anza-Ihugh village in Vandeikya Local Government Area of Benue State, Nigeria. A total of two hundred and fifty (250) faecal samples were collected, 128 of the samples were from primary school children while the remaining 122 samples were from children not attending school... Continue here

An Unusually Large Uterine Fibroid: A Case Report Of Nulliparous With Giant Uterine Fibroid Removed 8 Years After It Was Noticed
The case is that of a 40 year old nulliparous who presented with progressive abdominal swelling, bilateral leg swelling, easy fullness and weight loss. She was married but husband had abandoned her because of this problem. Abdomen was massively distended without clinical signs of ascites. Ultrasound scan revealed abdominopelvic mass with features of uterine... Continue here

The Value Of Early Hemodynamic Parameters In Neonates With Septic Shock
This study aims at determining the value, if any, of hemodynamic parameters in early septic shock incidence among the neonatal population. Eighty-two neonates with septic shock were divided into “survivors” and “non-survivors” according to their survival status within 4 weeks (28-days). The differences in stroke volume (SV), cardiac output... Continue here

Natural Radionuclides And Ions Concentrations In Water And Sediments Around Iron-smelting Industry In Ikirun, Osun-state, Nigeria
Natural radionuclides pose a threat to the environment, because of the radioactivity they undergo.  Water is said to be the sink of all pollutants including radionuclides and water pollution is a serious challenge due to the direct link between the adequacy of good quality water and the state of public health. The concentrations of uranium-238, thorium-232... Continue here

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