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DOI: 10.31248/JNDM

Publication Proces

The publication process starts with preparing your manuscript for publication in accordance with the guidelines of the Journal of New Discovery in Microbiology (JNDM). Authors are encouraged to read the “Authors Guidelines” to know the requirements of JNDM and prepare their manuscripts based on the guidelines.
Manuscript Submission
Manuscripts for publication in the Journal of New Discovery in Microbiology are submitted through the journal website (click here) or JNDM’s official email address at
Manuscript Acknowledgement
Authors who submit their manuscript through the website will receive an instant acknowledgement while those who submit via email will receive their acknowledgement within 24 hours. Manuscripts submitted to the Journal of New Discovery in Microbiology may be recommended for transfer if it does not fit into the scope of the journal.
Peer Review Process
Manuscripts submitted for publication in the Journal of New Discovery in Microbiology undergo three stages of a rigorous peer review process. The journal employs a double-blind peer review process before publication. Please see Peer Review Policy.
Acceptance Certificate
Authors are notified as soon as their manuscript is accepted for publication in the Journal of New Discovery in Microbiology. However, the official Acceptance Certificate is forwarded to the corresponding author as soon as the issue of which the accepted manuscript will be published is confirmed.
Article Processing Fees
As soon as the manuscript is accepted for publication by the editor, the corresponding author is notified to make payment for their manuscript through the online payment platform (though, other options are also available). The processing fee is based on the World Bank classification of countries. Please contact the Accounts Unit at for information regarding fees, waivers and payments.
After the acceptance of the manuscript, the accepted version of the manuscript will undergo editing before the galley proof is forwarded to the corresponding author for final correction/approval before publication. The corresponding author is expected to return the correction to the galley proof within 48 hours or give final approval for its publication if there are no corrections.
Once the author(s) is/are satisfied with the final proofs, the manuscript is included in the next issue of the journal and the article will be published on the journal’s website.
Publication Notification
Immediately after the article is made available on the journal’s website, a publication notice is sent to the corresponding author with links to the issue and article.