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DOI: 10.31248/JNDM
Start Year: 2020

Bacteriological evaluation of commercially packaged sachet water commonly sold in Dutse metropolis, Jigawa State, Nigeria   |   Article Number: 940552BB1   |   Vol.1 (1) - December 2020

Received Date: 29 October 2020   |   Accepted Date: 16 December 2020  |   Published Date: 30 December 2020

Authors:  Shiaka, G. Peter* , Sani, N. Mohammed , Gumel, A. Mohammed , Sadiq, S. Ismail and Amoo, K. Florence

Keywords: bacteria, coliforms, Dutse, microbiological safety, sachet water.

Water is a vital gift of nature and elixir to life but population growth has outpaced local effort to satisfy its potable services hence taken over by private sector sale in packaged plastic sachets. The need to ascertain the microbiological quality in order to determine the safety becomes paramount. Ten (10) different brands of sachet water were collected at random at each of the ten visits (n=100) in Dutse metropolis in wet season and then in dry season, making a total of 200 of sachet water samples (n=200). They were analyzed for bacterial loads including aerobic mesophilic and total coliform count, detection of selected bacteria of medical importance such as Escherichia coli (0157:H7 inclusive), Salmonella sp and Vibrio cholera using appropriate media. Results obtained showed that all the water samples met the zero criterion for the presence of coliforms as recommended by WHO and other related bodies. No growth was observed on any of the inoculated plates, indicating absence of any of the target bacteria, portraying good manufacturing practices by the producers and as well indicated high level of conformity to specified standard procedures in treatment, packaging, storage and distribution of sachet waters in the metropolis. These might lead to significant decrease in waterborne illnesses in Dutse metropolitan. It is highly recommended that the producers should keep the feat in order to promote safe public health in this environment.

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