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Start Year: 2018
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Impacts Of Petroleum Spills On Geotechnical Properties Of Soils: A Review
: Environmental pollution caused by crude oil spills had increased recently in Nigeria, due to increase in crude oil production and the activities of crude oil thieves. This review work was embarked upon to evaluate the impacts of crude oil petroleum products spills on the geotechnical properties of different soils found in Nigeria. The review tried to provide a... Continue here

Using Rice Husks Manure And Seaweed Extract To Optimize The Phytoremediation Efficiency Of Guinea Grass (megathyrsus Maximus)
Combating environmental degradation through eco-friendly procedures had become a major challenge to environmentalists. This work was done to investigate the possibility of using organic wastes to enhance the phytoremediation of contaminated environments. Virgin soil samples were contaminated with petroleum derivatives (spent motor engine oil, petrol, diesel and... Continue here

Evaluation Of Organic Enhancer On The Mechanical Properties Of Periwinkle Shells Concrete
The utilization of green materials in engineering applications has become a necessity due to the negative environmental and health consequences of most synthetic materials. Enhancement of periwinkle shell concrete through corn starch treatment was investigated in this study. Twenty-five (25) sets of concrete were produced with various corn starch concentrations... Continue here

Evaluating The Quality Of Electrical Wires Used For Residential Building Wiring In Delta State, Nigeria
The utilization of counterfeit and substandard building materials for residential building construction had become a major concern, due to the hazards the occupants of those buildings are being subjected to. This research was carried out to appraise the quality of electrical wires used for residential building wiring in Delta State, Nigeria, and to also... Continue here

A Comparative Study On The Tensile Properties And Environmental Suitability Of Glass Fibre/raffia Palm/plantain Fibres Hybridized Epoxy Bio-composites
Bio-composites have been widely introduced as sustainable alternative engineering materials, due to their environmental friendliness. The aim of this study was to assess the variations in the mechanical and biodegradation behaviours of natural fibres (raffia palm and plantain fibres) reinforced composites, and compared them to artificial fibres composites.... Continue here

Effect Of Chemical Composition And T6 Heat Treatment On Microstructure And Mechanical Properties Of A Hyper Eutectic Al–si Alloy
The automotive and aircraft industries’ requirements have led to increasing application of Al–Si alloys thanks to their great potential as a replacement to cast iron and steel. The current work is an investigation of the effect of chemical composition and T6 heat treatment on the microstructure and mechanical properties of a hyper eutectic Al–Si... Continue here

Aluminium Hybrid Composites: A Review Of Reinforcement Materials And Reinforcement Philosophies
Aluminium hybrid composite reinforcement technology is a response to the demands of advanced engineering materials. The motive behind the use of aluminium hybrid components in the transport, agriculture and mining sectors is based on the requirement for weight reduction and in pursuit of high efficiency and performance at a reduced cost. The performance of these... Continue here

Evaluating The Effectiveness Of Various Remediation Therapies On The Engineering Properties Of Oil-contaminated Soils
This study was embarked upon to ascertain the effectiveness of using physical and biological remediation procedures to amend the impact of oil pollution on soil engineering properties. Soil contaminated with crude oil at a mix ratio of 20:1 (percentage by weight), was remediated with charcoal (C2), charcoal + seaweed extract + groundnut plant (C3), and charcoal +... Continue here

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