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Model: Open Access/Peer Reviewed
DOI: 10.31248/JASVM
Start Year: 2016

ISSUE (Vol.8 (4) - August 30th, 2023)

Impact Of Ginger Lily (costus Afer) Extract On The Growth Performanceand Cost Benefit Analysis Of Finisher Broiler Birds
A total number of one hundred and twenty (120) unsexed four weeks old broiler birds were used to determine the impact of Costus afer extract on the growth performance and cost benefit analysis of broiler birds.One week was used for brooding the chicks after which they were randomly distributed into five treatment groups of thirty birds replicated three times with... Continue here

Impact Of Tetrapleura Tetraptera Fruit Meal On The Growth Performance And Economic Evaluation Of Laying Chickens
Tetrapleura tetraptera is a medium sized deciduous forest tree with fern-like foliage and highly characteristic fruit. It belongs to the family of Minosaceae and is a rich source of phytochemicals and has been reported to have several applications as medicine, spice and preservative. One hundred and fifty (150) pullets at point of lay were used to determine the... Continue here

Comparative Effect Of African Locust Bean, Baobab And Prosopis Africana Pulp Meal Supplementation As Natural Ascorbic On Blood Constituent Of Broiler Chickens Raised Under High Temperature
The experiment was conducted to evaluate the effect of African locust beans, baobab and Prosopis africana pulp meal supplementation as  natural ascorbic acid on blood constituent of broiler chickens raised during the hottest months April-May with an average temperature of about 40°C. One hundred and eight (108) broiler chickens (marshall) were allotted to... Continue here

The Comparative Effect Of Aqueous Extracts Of Mucuna Pruriens And Telfairia Occidentialis Leaf On Liver Enzymes And Serum Protein Of Albino Rats
An experiment was conducted to determine the comparative effect of aqueous leaf extract of Mucuna prurines and Telfairia occidentalis on liver enzymes and serum protein in albino rats. Complete randomised design was used to assign twenty (20) Albino rats into four (4) groups of five rats per cage. Group 1 (control) received rat feed and water only, Group 2... Continue here

Effect Of Graded Levels Of Awara (a Soy-food) Waste On Feed Intake, Growth Performance, And Carcass Yield Of Broiler Chickens
Large quantity of Awara waste (or residue) is generated in most parts of Nigeria year round and little or no economic importance attached to it. This study was designed to determine the effect of graded levels of Awara waste (AW) on feed intake, growth performance and carcass yield of broiler chickens. Four hundred kilogram (400 kg) AW was collected and allowed to... Continue here

Haematological Responses Of Replacement Levels Of Fish Meal With Chicken Offal In Catfish (clarias Gariepinus) Diets
Fish demand by consumers keeps increasing, yet constraints to the production of fish are encountered, the commonest of which is the high cost and difficulty in acquiring fish feeds in Nigeria. The objective of this study was to determine the effect of the formulated test diets of 40% protein concentrate using varying levels of chicken offal diets on the... Continue here

Breeding Practices And Selection Criteria On Livestock Farming In The Drâa-tafilalet Region Of Morocco
This study aimed to identify breeding practices and selection criteria used by livestock breeders in the Drâa-Tafilalet region in southeastern Morocco. Five sites in the region with three to five rural districts each were selected, within each district, one to eight breeders of each livestock species were interviewed. There were 305 surveys conducted in 21... Continue here

Husbandry Practices Of Livestock Farming In The Drâa-tafilalet Region Of Morocco
The study was aimed to determine the husbandry practices of livestock farmers in the Drâa-Tafilalet region of Morocco. Five sites in the region were selected. Three to five rural districts, each with one to eight breeders of each livestock species, were randomly selected at each site.  A survey consisting total 305 farmers was conducted in 21 districts... Continue here

Influence Of Modified Feed Troughs On Performance And Feed Cost Of Finisher Broilers
An experiment was conducted to study the influence of modified feed troughs on the performance and cost of production of finisher broilers. A total of ninety (90) 4 weeks old birds were used for the experiment. They were divided into three treatments of thirty (30) birds each and replicated three times with ten (10) birds each, using a completely Randomized Design... Continue here

Haematology And Serum Biochemistry Of Uda Rams Fattened With Diets Containing Graded Levels Of Groundnut Oil
The study was conducted in Usmanu Danfodiyo University to determine the effects of groundnut oil on Haematology and serum biochemistry of fattened Uda rams. Four (4) dietary treatments were prepared; Treatment 1 which is the control, had no groundnut oil, while 2, 3 and 4 contained 15, 30 and 45 ml/kg groundnut oil. The results showed that except for packed cell... Continue here

Factors Affecting Lactation Performances Of Jersey-white Fulani And Holstein-gudali Genetic Crossed Groups Of Cows In Western Highlands Of Cameroon
The aim of this study was to evaluate factors affecting daily milk yield, lactation peak milk and calving interval lactation peak of Jersey-White Fulani and Holstein-Gudali genetic crossed groups of cows in Western Highlands of Cameroon. Data on 404 genetic crossed cows obtained from the database of the Institute of Agricultural Research for Development (IRAD) of... Continue here

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