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Haematology And Serum Biochemistry Of Uda Rams Fattened With Diets Containing Graded Levels Of Groundnut Oil
The study was conducted in Usmanu Danfodiyo University to determine the effects of groundnut oil on Haematology and serum biochemistry of fattened Uda rams. Four (4) dietary treatments were prepared; Treatment 1 which is the control, had no groundnut oil, while 2, 3 and 4 contained 15, 30 and 45 ml/kg groundnut oil. The results showed that except for packed cell... Continue here

Factors Affecting Lactation Performances Of Jersey-white Fulani And Holstein-gudali Genetic Crossed Groups Of Cows In Western Highlands Of Cameroon
The aim of this study was to evaluate factors affecting daily milk yield, lactation peak milk and calving interval lactation peak of Jersey-White Fulani and Holstein-Gudali genetic crossed groups of cows in Western Highlands of Cameroon. Data on 404 genetic crossed cows obtained from the database of the Institute of Agricultural Research for Development (IRAD) of... Continue here

Haematological Parameters Of Nematode Infected Goat Treated Three Medicinal Plants
This study investigates haematological parameters in goat treated with three medicinal plants (Vernonia amygdalina, Ocimum grattisimum and Talinum triangulare). Twenty goats were infected with L3 larval stage of nematode parasite and the experiment lasted for 22 days. Standard procedures were employed to investigate the extraction of medicinal plants, animal... Continue here

Socio-economic Characteristics Of Farmers And Constraints To Livestock Development In The Drâa-tafilalet Region Of Morocco
The study aimed to determine the socio-economic characteristics of livestock breeders in the Drâa-Tafilalet region of Morocco, as well as the constraints of livestock farming. Five sites in the region, representing mountain oases, intermediate oases and plain oases, were selected. In each site, three to five rural districts, each with one to eight breeders... Continue here

Socio Technical Characteristics Of Beekeeping And Honey Production In Cameroon
From January to December 2022, a study was carried out in Cameroon to have a global overview of apiculture in the aspect of production, technics and finances. In order to achieve these objectives, a sample of 113 beekeepers was surveyed within the country and databases of the livestock, Agriculture Ministries and National Statistics Institute were consulted. The... Continue here

Prevalence Of Gastrointestinal Parasites Of Domestic Ruminants Amongst Pastoralists In Three Local Government Areas Of Bauchi Western Agricultural Zone, Bauchi, Nigeria
Gastrointestinal parasite infections of ruminant animals cause economic loss to farmers and low nutritional value to consumers. This study was carried out to determine the prevalence of gastrointestinal parasites in domestic ruminants such as cattle, sheep and goats and the relationship between the species, sex, age, location, season and breed of the respective... Continue here

Evolution Of Tlr3 Gene In Nigerian Indigenous And Exotic Turkeys
This experiment was carried out to determine the evolution of the TLR3 gene in Nigerian indigenous and exotic turkeys. A total of 150 turkeys i.e. 100 exotic and 50 indigenous were used for this study. Birds were allotted treatments and fed formulated grower diets that meet the NRC—Turkey grower nutritional requirements. Genomic DNA was isolated from each... Continue here

A Ten-year Retrospective Study Of Peste Des Petits Ruminantis (ppr) Cases Presented To The National Veterinary Research Institute, Vom Plateau State, Nigeria
Peste des petits ruminantis (PPR) is a severe, highly contagious disease of small ruminants, primarily sheep and goats caused by Peste des petits ruminant’s virus (PPRV). It is an important animal disease which now endangers the large populations of small ruminants in Africa, the Middle and Near East, Southwest and Central Asia. PPR is an important... Continue here

Addition Of Red Tomato Extract In Feeds Using Protein Sources And Calcium Microparticles On Protein Digestibility And Meat Production In Broiler Chickens
The study aimed to assess the effect of adding red tomato extract in feeds using protein sources and calcium microparticles on protein digestibility, meat calcium mass, meat protein mass, and meat weight in broiler chickens. Two hundred day-old broiler chicks (Cobb-CP 707) unsexed aged 8 days with an average weight of 169.19 ± 5.67 g. Red tomato extract... Continue here

Comparative Effect Of Ethanol Extract Of Moringa Oleifera Leaf And Boo-sta Plus On The Body Weight And Haematological Indices Of Wister Albino Rats
The comparative effects of ethanol extract of Moringa oleifera and  Boo-Sta Plus on the red blood cell indices and body weight of Wistar albino rats were investigated. Fortification of food is not just trending in the human diet but also in the animal diet. Boo-Sta Plus have been employed in dietary fortification to achieve better results in meat quality,... Continue here

Prolactin, Genetics, And Bioinformatics: The Trinity For Improving Duck Egg Production In Nigeria – A Review
Recently, there has been an increase in duck production in Nigeria, meaning that the products obtainable from this animal will experience a concomitant demand. This review provides a holistic review of locally adapted Mallard and Muscovy ducks in Nigeria and their viability as a complement and or replacement for chicken eggs. A brief taxonomic and evolutionary... Continue here

Restricting Conventional Feed Intake For Pasture-raised Broilers In Papua New Guinea: Effect On Growth Parameters And Carcass Yield
Using agro-industrial by-products and root crops as feed sources in broiler nutrition is gaining momentum. Yet, it is uncertain whether farmers should utilize outdoor movable pens and pasture to raise broilers. In this study, growth responses of 96 Ross strain broilers reared on pasture versus conventional rearing system were evaluated. The former involved... Continue here

Effect Of Replacing Dietary Maize With Millet On Production Performance Of Laying Birds
The study was conducted to determine the effect of replacing dietary maize with millet on production performance of laying birds. The study was conducted between May and August 2018 at the Poultry Production Unit of Sokoto State Veterinary Center, Aliyu Jodi Road, Sokoto. Two hundred and forty black Bovan Nera layers of 23 weeks of age (averaging 1.3 kg live... Continue here

Antiviral Efficacies Of Neem (azadirachta Indica J.) And Scent (ocimum Sanctum L.) Leaf Meals Against Newcastle And Infectious Bursal Disease In Broiler Chickens
The effects of neem (Azadirachta indica) and scent (Ocimum santum) leaf meals fed singly or in combination on the growth response, haemato-biochemical parameters and their antiviral potencies in broiler chickens were investigated. Two hundred 1-day old Ross 308 unsexed broiler chicks were randomly allotted to 5 treatments, consisting of 5 replicates with 8 birds... Continue here

Effects Of Strain And Season On Incubation Parameters Of Nigerian Local Guinea Fowls
The study was conducted to determine the effects of strain and season on incubation parameters of Nigerian local guinea fowls. A total of three thousand six hundred (3600) fertile eggs (400 eggs per strain in each of the three seasons; early rainy, late rainy and early dry) generated from 144 matured guinea fowls (120 guinea hens and 24 guinea cocks) were used to... Continue here

Haematological And Serum Biochemical Indices Of Growing Female Pigs Fed Dietary Spondias Mombin Leaf Meal
Blood serves as physiological indicator of assessing quality of feed offered to an animal, their health status and body functionality. An experiment was carried out to evaluate the haematological and serum biochemical profiles of growing female pigs fed diets with varying levels of Spondias mombin leaf meal (SMLM). Sixteen growing female pigs weighing 10.5 to 14.0... Continue here

Prediction Of Body Weights From Linear Body Parameters Of Rabbit Genotypes In The Humid Tropics
This study aimed to determine the association between body weight and linear body parameters in rabbits. A total of 93 kittens generated from crosses of New Zealand White (NZW) x NZW, Chinchilla (CHA) x CHA, NZW x CHA, and CHA x NZW genotypes of rabbit in a nested classification of a Completely Randomized Design were used for this study. Data on body circumference... Continue here

Exploring The Impact Of Turkey Age On Gut Morphological Parameters And Nutrient Utilisation
This study was carried out to determine the influence of turkey age on gut morphology and nutrient utilisation. Data on the gut morphology and nutrient utilisation were collected at the different age intervals of turkeys' growth: the starter (day-old - 8 weeks), grower (9 - 16 weeks), and finisher (17 - 24 weeks) phases. Nicholas turkeys were fed commercial... Continue here

Intestinal Helminth Parasites Of Felis Catus In Syangja, Nepal
Domestic cats can be infested by a huge range of parasite species, leading to a range of diverse clinical signs and symptoms. However, a comprehensive understanding of these endoparasites, particularly in the context of multiparasitism, remains limited. The aim of the study was to determine the prevalence of intestinal helminth parasites on domestic cats in... Continue here

Indigestible Foreign Bodies In Cattle And Goats: A Veterinary Surgical Emergency And Potential Silent Killer In South Sudan
In South Sudan, reckless littering and contamination of environment with all sorts of solid waste turned Indigestible Foreign Bodies (IFBs), poor knowledge of the public and farmers and the current animal husbandry system in practice constituted potential drivers for ruminant animals to inevitably ingest one or more of IFBs, that proved to be a potential,... Continue here

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