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Variability, Seasonal Effects And Principal Component Analysis Of Cowpea (vigna Unguiculata) Genotypes In Uyo, Nigeria
Field experiments were conducted in 2017 early and late cropping seasons at National Cereals Research Institute, Uyo Out Station, Owot Uta, Ibesikpo Asutan LGA of Akwa Ibom State to determine variability, seasonal effects and principal components of growth characters, yield and yield components of seven cowpea genotypes. The experiments were laid out in a... Continue here

Fish Processing And Marketing Among Women Fish Mongers In Ofu Local Government Area, Kogi State, Nigeria
The study analysed fish processing and marketing among women fish mongers in Ofu Local Government Area of Kogi State, Nigeria.  The specific objectives were to describe the socio-economic characteristics of women fish mongers, various processing activities carried out by women fish mongers in fish processing and marketing, costs and returns of women fish... Continue here

Nigeria Agriculture Supply Chain For Digital Intervention: Some Mitigation Strategies
Supply chain management has played a very important role in improving organizational effectiveness at every possible level.  The supplies of products from farm gate to retail level constitute the supply chain management. The consumer demand for variety, quality, and year round availability that has provided the stimulus for the formation of these chains. For... Continue here

Anti-nutrient Composition Of Fluted Pumpkin Leaf Grown In Different Npk Solutions
The study evaluated the anti-nutrient composition of fluted pumpkin, Telfairia occidentalis Hooker fil. leaf grown in different NPK 20-10-10 hydroponic solutions. The solutions varied in the amount of NPK (20-10-10) granules (25, 50, 75, 100g, 125 and 150 g) dissolved in water containing micronutrients. The growth media were designated as: M25NPK, M50NPK, M75NPK,... Continue here

Soil Degradation Assessment Of Some Selected Land Use In Two Agro Ecological Zones Of Gombe State, Nigeria
Soil degradation remains a global environmental phenomenon caused by anthropogenic activities. The assessment of degradation status of soils in some selected land uses of two agro ecological zones of Gombe state was carried out. Representative soil samples from four land uses were collected from 0 - 30 cm depths (cultivated, Fadama, forest and mining land). The... Continue here

Effect Of Cashew (anacardium Occidentale) Biochar On Soil Chemical Properties And Agronomy Of Soybean (glycine Max L. Merril)
The experiments were conducted at the Teaching and Research Farm, Faculty of Agriculture, Nasarawa State University, Keffi, Shabu-Lafia during the 2018 and 2019 cropping seasons to evaluate the effects of different levels of biochar on soil properties, growth and yield of soybean. The experiments were laid in Randomized Complete Block Design (RCBD) with three... Continue here

Impact Of Newly Introduced Liquid Fertilizer As Fertilizer For Raising Oil Palm Seedlings
Impact of newly introduced liquid fertilizers on growth and development on oil palm seedlings was investigated at the Nigerian Institute for Oil Palm Research Main Nursery, Benin City for two cropping seasons 2013 and 2014 respectively. The fertilizers investigated are Operon 22:0:0, Advantage 20:20:10, Boost Xtra 20:20:20 and conventional fertilizer NPKMg... Continue here

Evaluation Of Maize (zea Mays L.) Varieties For Agronomic And Yield Performance In Two Locations Of Northern Guinea Savanna Agro-ecology Of Nigeria
Maize (Zea mays L.) is the third most important cereal in the world and the second in Nigeria after rice in terms of cultivation and utilization. Five varieties (TZESR-W, SUWAN-1-SR, DMR-ESR-W, Mega maize and Local cultivar) were evaluated during the 2018 cropping season with the aim of assessing the agronomic and yield potentials in two locations (Jalingo and... Continue here

Agro-economic Damages Assessment Of Artisanal Gold Mining In Ijesa Land, Osun State
To feed the expanding population, agriculture must be practiced in a more sustainable manner that improves productivity and the natural ecosystem. The main components of sustainable production systems that support the health of agro-ecosystems are people and the environment. The extractive nature of gold miners' practices has significant negative effects on... Continue here

Factors Influencing Agricultural Students' Academic Performance At The University Of Abuja, Nigeria
The main objective of this study is to examine the factors affecting the academic performance of agricultural students at the University of Abuja Nigeria. Data were collected by the use of structured questionnaires, interviews and focus group discussions. The population of this study comprises all active registered agricultural students faculty of agriculture... Continue here

Assessment Of Soil Chemical Properties And Pod Yield Of Okra (abelmoschus Esculentus) As Influenced By Farm Yard Manure And Urea In Southern Guinea Savannah Agro-ecology Of Nigeria
Plant and animal debris are fast becoming an environmental hazard in many urban, semi-urban and rural settlements in most parts of the tropics. This is due to the poor management of this debris in the environment. Plant and animal remains if properly managed will be a rich farm resource. Therefore, a field trial was conducted in Makurdi in the 2021 cropping season... Continue here

Factors Affecting The Rate Of Adoption Of Agricultural Technology Among Small Scale Rice Farmers In Gwagwalada Area Council Of Fct, Nigeria
Rice (Oryza sativa) is the most important food crop in the world, being a staple food for more than half of the world’s population, predominantly in Asia and Africa where more than 90% of the rice is grown and consumed. The research study focused on factors affecting the rate of adoption of agricultural technology among small scale rice farmers in the study... Continue here

Characterization And Suitability Assessment Of The Soils Of Iwo Series For Cocoa Production In Rainforest Area Southwestern, Nigeria
Characterization and soil suitability assessment is a vital tool for understanding the nature and status of soils. It is one of the strategies for achieving food security as well as sustainable environment. This study was conducted to assess the suitability of the soils of Iwo series for sustainable production of cocoa. The study was carried out in 2022, in an... Continue here

Socio-economic Factors Influencing Rural Women’s Involvement In Informal Economic Activities In Southwest, Nigeria
The study assessed the socio-economic factors influencing rural women’s involvement in informal economic activities (IEDS) in southwest, Nigeria. It describes the socio-economic characteristics of the rural women, identify the IEAs rural women involved in, determine the level of involvement of the rural women in IEAs and identity the constraints to the... Continue here

A Comparative Effect Of Legume-based Cropping Association On The Productivity Of Manihot Esculenta Crantz In The Forest And Savanna Zones Of The Central African Republic
The objective of this study, conducted under integrated management in forest and savanna zones, is to improve cassava yields in rural areas of the Central African Republic using a comparative approach. The study design is a randomized block design with eight treatments (0 to 7) and four randomized replications, comprising 32 elementary plots. The different doses... Continue here

Socio-economic Factors Affecting The Adoption Of Farm Chemicals By Small-scale Rice Farmers In Abuja, Nigeria
This study examines the socio-economic factors influencing the adoption of farm chemicals among small-scale rice farmers in Abuja, Nigeria, with four specific objectives. Questionnaire was used to solicit for information from 200 rice farmers for the study. Descriptive statistics and logit regression model were employed to analyze the primary data. The study's... Continue here

Factors Affecting Risk Attitudes Of Small Scale Poultry Farmers In Kogi State, Nigeria
Small-scale farmers are risk averse in order to avoid any discomfort in their livelihoods. Hence, this study analyzed the risk attitudes and their determinants among poultry farmers in Kogi State, Nigeria. A multi stage sampling technique was used to select a total of 192 respondents in the study area on which semi-structured questionnaires were administered to... Continue here

Home Farm Experience And Academic Performance Of Senior Secondary School Students In Agricultural Science In Enugu State, Nigeria
The study sought to determine the relationship between home farming experience and the academic performance of senior secondary school students in Enugu State, Nigeria. The study adopted a correlational research design. The population of the study was 52,787 students in the 285 government secondary schools in the state. The sample size of 396 for the study was... Continue here

Effects Of Field Spray Of Selected Botanicals On Management Of Phytophthora Colocasiae Induced Taro Cultivars Cormels Myco Storage Rots In Nsukka, Southeastern Nigeria
Anti-myco pathogenic effect of field spray of botanical extract from neem (Azadirachta indica), Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus spp) and siam weed (Chromolaena odorata) against Phytophthora leaf blight disease of taro cultivars at weekly spray intervals were determined in vitro on growth of post-harvest myco pathogens of stored taro cultivars cormels. The storage,... Continue here

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