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ISSN: 2536-7072
DOI: 10.31248/JASP

About JASP

The Journal of Agricultural Science and Practice (JASP) is an open access, peer reviewed journal that commences publication in April 2016. The journal is committed to advancing and sharing creative, innovative and emerging ideas that will influence agricultural policy and improve food sufficient around the world. The journal publishes bimonthly and printed copies of the published articles are made available to the interested authors on request. Please see the journal archives and JASP articles for the past issues and published articles respectively.
Aims and Scope
The subject areas suitable for publication in JASP include, but are not limited to the following fields: Basic agriculture, animal science and nutrition, entomology, pesticide science, poultry science, agronomy, horticulture, crop production, farming, gardening, plant pathology, seed science, post-harvest biology, agricultural genomics, plant propagation, greenhouse management, farm management, soil science, aquaculture, fishery science, irrigation, water resources management, agricultural engineering, agricultural extension, agricultural economics, agro industry, weed science, food production etc.
Types of Articles
The Journal of Agricultural Science and Practice welcomes submission of full length research articles, review articles, short communications and case reports. Other forms of article can also be accepted for publication in the Journal of Agricultural Science and Practice after the approval of the journal editor. See the authors guidelines for more details.