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DOI: 10.31248/JAERE


The Journal of Agricultural Extension and Rural Economics offers avenue for the discussion of concepts and discoveries related to agricultural extension in general. Publication consideration will only be given to unique scientific contributions of agricultural extension. Owing to the interdisciplinary character of agricultural extension, articles from other fields that have relevance to extension will also be taken into consideration for publishing in the Journal. Articles that are accepted will be published as soon as the editor has approved them, with four issues released annually.
JAERE provides farmers and rural residents with agricultural advisory services on topics such as agricultural production; marketing, distribution and utilization of farm production; program planning, monitoring, and evaluation; agricultural innovation systems, ICT in agriculture; women in agriculture; farm and produce security; nutrition extension, family living; extension research and methodological issues, climate change and the environment, youth development, leadership development, community improvement etc.
Types of Articles
Original research articles, review articles, case studies, and short communications are all accepted and published by JAERE. With the editor's agreement, other article formats may also be allowed for publication. For further information, see the authors' guidelines.
Manuscript Submission
You can submit a manuscript for publication by visiting or by clicking the "Submit Manuscript" button at the top of the page. As an alternative, you can send your paper to, the email address of the Journal of Agricultural Extension and Rural Economics editorial office.
Publication Ethics
Publication Ethics exist to ensure high-quality scientific publications; control; public trust in scientific research; and that people receive credit for their ideas. JAERE and its authors shall strictly adhere to the ethical standards as prescribed by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) and other related bodies.
Publication Model
JAERE operates an open-access policy where abstracts and full texts of all articles published are freely accessible to everyone immediately after publication without any form of restriction.
Review Policy
JAERE operates a double-blind review policy where the identities of the reviewers and authors are concealed from each other. The manuscripts are reviewed by Editorial Board Members or other qualified persons.
Editor's Decision
The editor reviews the manuscript (revised and original) and the reviewers’ comments to ensure that necessary corrections are made to the manuscript before making a final decision on its publication. Manuscripts that are accepted for publication are scheduled for the next issue of the journal.
Article Processing Fee
The JAERE Article Processing Fee varies based on the author's country as determined by the World Bank Classification. All papers from countries classified as LOW INCOME, LOWER MIDDLE-INCOME, and UPPER-MIDDLE-INCOME will receive automatic waivers of 62%, 55%, and 25%, respectively. Payment can only be made by authors after the editor has accepted their paper. Account Unit can be reached at
Upon approval of the final galley proofs by the author(s), the accepted article will be published. The corresponding author will receive a publication notice containing links to the article and issue.