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Model: Open Access/Peer Reviewed
DOI: 10.31248/IJET
Start Year: 2016

ISSUE (Vol.7 (1) - February 28th, 2023)

Educating The Girl-child For Social Development In Nigeria: Implications For Gender Equality
: Importance of Girl-Child education has become a frontline issue in many discourses held globally in recent times. The premium placed on the Girl-Child’s education is a result of several awareness/enlightenment campaigns on the need for the Girl-Child to assume her rightful place in society. The illiteracy of the Girl-Child has chain effects on the family;... Continue here

Implementation Of Industrial Technology Education Policies In Nigeria And Labour Market Demands In This Technological Age
The paper discussed the implementation of Industrial Technology Education policies in Nigeria for meeting the contemporary labour market demands in this technological age. It examined the concepts of policy, education policy, technical or Industrial Technology Education, as well as technical or Industrial Technology Education policies in Nigeria. It further... Continue here

Improvement Needs Of Lecturers Of Agricultural Education For Teaching Agricultural Mechanization In Colleges Of Education In North Central Nigeria
This study is on the improvement needs of lecturers of Agricultural Education for teaching Agricultural Mechanization. Two research questions and Two null hypotheses were formulated. A survey research design was adopted for the study. A total of 175 lecturers of Agricultural Education in public colleges of education were used. A structural questionnaire called... Continue here

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