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Psychological Factors As Correlates Of Undergraduates Students’ Academic Performance In Educational Psychology, Gombe State University
This study examined psychological factors as correlates of students’ academic performance in Education Psychology (EDUC 203) at Gombe State University. The study adopted a correlation design. The population used for this study was level two undergraduate students with a total of 781 students. Purposive sampling was used where the whole population was used as... Continue here

The Relationship Between Parental Availability And Aggression In The 21stcentury: Studies Among Adolescents In Nnewi North Local Government Area, Anambra State, Nigeria
Manifestation of aggression among adolescents could be related to poor parental availability. In this study, the relationship between parental availability and aggression in the twenty-first century among adolescents in Nnewi North Local Government Area (LGA) Anambra State, Nigeria was investigated. Two research questions guided the study. The researchers adopted... Continue here

Attitudinal, Normative And Control Beliefs Underlying Graduate Students’ Adoption Of The Learning Management System For Learning At The University Of Education, Winneba, Ghana
The purpose of the study was to use the Theory of Planned Behaviour (TPB) to identify the underlying beliefs that impact online learning behaviours of graduate students at the Faculty of Educational Studies, University of Education, Winneba, Ghana following the sudden outbreak of COVID-19, which led to national lockdowns and closure of schools. The article reports... Continue here

A Study Of The Impact Of Birth Order On Academic Performance As Perceived By Guidance And Counselling Students Of Taraba State University, Jalingo, Nigeria
: The study examined the impact of birth order on academic performance as perceived by Guidance and Counselling students, Taraba State University Jalingo, Nigeria. The descriptive survey design was used for the study. From a population of 382 Guidance and Counselling students (2020/2021 academic session) in Taraba State University Jalingo, a sample of 101 students... Continue here

Perception Of Secondary School Science And Mathematics Teachers On Professional Development Participation In Zamfara State, Nigeria
The study adopted a descriptive survey design to examine the perception of secondary school science and mathematics teachers on professional development in Zamfara State, Nigeria. The population of the study consisted of all Science and Mathematics teachers in public secondary schools in Zamfara State. A sample of 217 respondents were drawn through purposive and... Continue here

Human Resource Management Practices In Senior High Schools: An Account Of Those Who Matter
The study reports human resource management practices in senior high schools. Specifically, the study sought to determine the existing human resource management practices and to examine the perception of teachers on human resource management practices. Descriptive survey and quantitative research approach were adopted in this study. A sample of 90 teachers and 30... Continue here

Ict Skills Activation For Secondary School Students And Its Implication On Mathematics Proficiency
The study investigated an assessment of ICT skills needed for mathematical proficiency among secondary school students. Mathematics proficiency made up of procedural fluency (PF), conceptual understanding (CU), strategic competence (SC), adaptive reasoning (AR) and productive disposition (PD) were examined in the study. The research design employed was descriptive... Continue here

Perceived Influence Of Male Child Preference On The Social Adjustment Of Women Producing Only Females In Jalingo Local Government Taraba State, Nigeria
The purpose of this study was to investigate the influence of male child preference on the social adjustment of women producing only females in Jalingo Local Government, Taraba State, Nigeria. A descriptive survey design was used for the study. The population that was used for this study was the entire single and married female gender in Jalingo Local Government.... Continue here

Heterogeneous Catalysis: Efficacy Of Curriculum And Item-teaching Techniques On Students’ Conceptual Understanding Of Heat And Vapours Among Senior Secondary Schools In Zamfara State
The study sought to find out the relative effect of curriculum and item-teaching techniques on students’ conceptual understanding in heat and vapours in senior secondary school in Zamfara State. Three research questions and three null hypotheses guided the study. The study adopted a quasi-experimental research design, precisely non-equivalent control group... Continue here

Importance And Challenges Of Science Education In The Development Of Ilorin And Its Environ: Some Policy Implications
The study focused on the assessment of science education in Nigeria (Ilorin metropolis in particular), its importance to the conurbation development, challenges of science education in the area and some policy suggestions. The researcher observed political and economic issues as major challenges hindering the development of science education in Ilorin and it... Continue here

Influence Of Parental Factors On Career Choice Among Senior Secondary School Students In Abuja, Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria
The study investigated the influence of parental factors on career choice among senior secondary two (SS2) students in Federal Capital Territory (FCT): The aim of the study was to ascertain whether parental factors such as parental educational level, parent’s socio-economic status, parental values, parental work performance and parent-child relationships... Continue here

Investigating Pupils’ Strategies On Mathematics Achievement Among Private And Public Basic Schools In The Chorkor Circuit Of Accra Metropolis
The purpose of this study was to investigate the mathematics achievement and strategies of private and public schools in the Chorkor circuit of Accra Metropolis. The survey research design was used for the study. The population used for the study was 617 and a sample of 242 was selected which comprised of 160 from public schools and 82 from private schools. Three... Continue here

Knowledge Acquisition Practices Among Library And Information Science Educators In Universities In South-west, Nigeria
The study investigated the knowledge acquisition practices of LIS educators in universities in South-West, Nigeria. It became eminent to investigate the various knowledge acquisition practices, particularly in the current technological era. The study adopted a descriptive survey design and questionnaire was used as instrument for data collection. The population of... Continue here

Principal Leadership Styles As Correlates Of Secondary School Teachers Work Attitude In South Senatorial District Of Edo State, Nigeria
The study investigated the relationship between principal leadership style and teachers work attitude. It adopted the descriptive survey. The population of the study consisted of 125 public secondary school principals and 1,523 teachers in the South Senatorial District of Edo State, Nigeria. Of the seven Local Government Areas, three were sampled for analysis... Continue here

Transitivity Analysis Of Practical Instructions In Selected Nigerian Senior Secondary Schools Biology Textbooks
This study is concerned with transitivity analysis of selected Nigerian senior high school biology textbooks. The aims of this research were to describe and to find out the dominant process types of transitivity occurrence, reason behind the choice of dominant process, and its effect in the biology practical instructions. This study was descriptive qualitative.... Continue here

The Effect Of Differentiated Instruction Approach On Students’ Academic Achievement And Attitudes: A Meta-analysis Study
In order to study the effect of differentiated instruction approaches on students’ academic achievement and attitudes in this meta-analysis, CoHE Thesis Center, Google Scholar, Dergi Park, Research Gate, and ERIC search engines were used to retrieve studies published in Turkey between 2010 and 2021. Out of 23 quantitative studies selected, 10 experimental... Continue here

Influence Of National Home-grown School Feeding Programme On Primary School Pupils Attendance And Academic Performance In Makurdi, Benue State, Nigeria
This study examined influence of National Home-Grown School Feeding Programme on primary school pupils’ attendance and academic performance in Makurdi, Benue State, Nigeria. Two specific objectives with corresponding research questions and hypotheses were raised and formulated respectively to guide the study. The study adopted survey research design and was... Continue here

Clients’ Perception Of Quality Tertiary Education In Ghana
Tertiary education institutions are established to provide quality post-secondary education. Tertiary education institutions have established quality assurance units to guarantee that clients are served appropriately according to predefined quality indicators. Despite this guarantee, the quality of tertiary education is being questioned. This paper discusses the... Continue here

Approaches To Improving Management Of Secondary Education For Maximum Goal Attainment
This paper examines approaches to improving management of secondary education for maximum goal attainment in Rivers State, Nigeria. The paper conceptualizes management and secondary education and discusses approaches such as accountability and transparency in secondary school, funding, qualitative teachers, conducive classroom environment, supervision,... Continue here

Educating The Girl-child For Social Development In Nigeria: Implications For Gender Equality
: Importance of Girl-Child education has become a frontline issue in many discourses held globally in recent times. The premium placed on the Girl-Child’s education is a result of several awareness/enlightenment campaigns on the need for the Girl-Child to assume her rightful place in society. The illiteracy of the Girl-Child has chain effects on the family;... Continue here

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