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Female Students’ Perceived Self-esteem Based On Availability Of Sanitary Facilities Among Public Secondary Schools In Monduli District, Tanzania
This study sought to describe and establish correlation between female students’ perceived self-esteem and availability of sanitary facilities among public secondary schools in Monduli District through descriptive statistics and Pearson correlation. Using survey design, data were collected through questionnaire whereby purposive and simple random sampling... Continue here

Implementation Of Basic Science Curriculum In Nigeria Private Secondary Schools: Problems And Prospects
Nigeria accepted education as an instrument for national development and as a tool to enhance the formulation of ideas, rapid growth, as well as a devisor of all worthwhile interactions and ideas that are capable of fostering both individual and societal development. This paper digs into the issues surrounding effective implementation of Basic Science Curriculum... Continue here

A Study Of Attitudes Towards Learning Chinese As Foreign Language In Ghanaian Universities: A Comparative Study Of University Of Ghana And University Of Cape Coast
This study examined attitudes of second language learners in Ghanaian universities. In recent times, due to increasing number of Chinese companies in Ghana, it has become very crucial to learn Chinese language, especially in the universities. This study targets students who are pursuing Chinese as a foreign language (CFL) in University of Ghana (UG) and University... Continue here

Measuring Quality As Students’ Problem Solving Skill Development In Mathematics: The Case Of Grades 9 And 10 Students In Addis Kidame Secondary School, Amhara Region, Ethiopia
Quality in education is an amorphous term where no two people can exactly communicate. However, there is a growing trend that quality should be viewed in terms of learning improvement. Thus, this study intends to examine the status of students’ problem solving skill in mathematics. Particularly, this study aims at measuring grades 9 and 10 students’... Continue here

Francophone Students’ Challenges In English Language: An Example Of An Anglophone University In Ghana
The phenomenon of students studying in countries whose lingua franca is different from theirs is normal and a century old practice. However, studying in an academic institution with different lingua franca has its difficulties. This study therefore sought to unravel the challenges that students from Francophone countries in a university in Ghana encounter... Continue here

Cheating In Exams: Investigating Its Prevalence, Nature And Cheating Related Factors Among Moroccan High School Students
The previous research studies have examined the prevalence of exam cheating and its related factors among students. In spite of this bulk of studies, only few have been able to look into the issue using the students 'voices to understand the issue. The purpose of this study was to fill in this void by investigating the frequency, nature and the most important... Continue here

Formative Assessment: A Tool For Rectifying Learners' Errors And Misconceptions In Mathematics
Learners' errors in mathematics emanate not only in quizzes, assignment, or end of semester examinations but occur almost every day in the mathematics classroom. The diagnostic use of assessment to provide feedback to teachers and learners throughout instruction is called formative assessment. Whenever teachers respond to learners' errors either during... Continue here

The Use Of Plant Extracts As Indicators In Teaching Acid-base Titrations: Case Of Hibiscus Sabdariffa (zobo), Beta Vulgaris (beet Root), Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis And Acalypha Wilkesiana
Acid-base titrations are the main part of volumetric analysis in the secondary school chemistry practical syllabus in Nigeria. Synthetic indicators are generally used in teaching students the procedure and skills required in acid-base titrations. However, some of these synthetic indicators are not readily available, some are toxic and there is a special procedure... Continue here

Impact Of Remuneration And Work Environment On Librarian’s Job Performance In Public Libraries In Akwa Ibom And Cross River States
This study was to determine the impact of remuneration and work environment on librarian’s job performance in public libraries in Akwa Ibom and Cross River States. Two purposes of the study, and two research questions were formulated. The correlational research design was used for the study. The population of the study consisted of 98 librarians drawn from... Continue here

Entrepreneurial Skill Training Needs Of Business Education Graduates Of Colleges Of Education For Self-employment In Nasarawa State, Nigeria
This study was carried out to determine the entrepreneurial skill training needs of Business Education graduates of colleges of education for self-employment in Nasarawa State. Survey research design was adopted. Two research questions and two hypotheses guided the study. The population for the study was 112 respondents made up of 49 graduates and 63... Continue here

Peer Pressure, Home And School Factors Predisposing Secondary School Student To Indiscipline In Bwari Area Council Abuja, Nigeria
This study investigated peer pressure, home, and school factors predisposing secondary school students to indiscipline in the Bwari area of Abuja. A descriptive survey research design of the correlation type was adopted for the study. The total population consisted of all secondary school students in the study area. Two hundred and fifty (250) students were... Continue here

Undergraduate Students’ Engagement Level And Challenges In Online Instruction In University Of Port Harcourt
This descriptive survey ascertained the engagement level and the challenges undergraduate students in the Faculty of Education, University of Port Harcourt, experienced when learning Computer in Education course via Google classroom. The sample size was 45 students purposively selected from the Department of Educational Management (Political Science group) with a... Continue here

Challenges Of Technical Vocational Education And Training (tvet) And The Need For Enhanced Educational Technology In Technical Schools In Nigeria
The paper discussed the challenges of technical vocational education and training (TVET) and the need for enhanced educational technology in technical schools in Nigeria. Concept of TVET, forms of TVET, objective of TVET and the relevance of educational technology to technical schools were discussed in the paper. The challenges of TVET and the need for enhanced... Continue here

Accreditation Exercise Requirements Adequacy And Quality Of Resources In South-south Federal Universities, Nigeria
The study determined accreditation exercises requirement adequacy and quality of resources in south-south federal universities, Nigeria. Four research questions and null hypotheses guided the study. Study design was ex-post facto with population of 6667 and sample size of 723 academic staff selected through multi-stage sampling technique in six universities.... Continue here

Influence Of Teachers’ Qualifications On Academic Performance Of Students In Mathematics
The study examined the effect of teachers’ qualification on students’ academic performance in mathematics. The study is vital as it portrays the extent to which students’ performance are being influenced by the teachers qualification. In order to determine the relationship between students’ academic performance in mathematics and teachers... Continue here

Skills Acquisition As Strategy For Sustainable Poverty Eradication In Nigeria
Poverty and unemployment remains a common feature of the Nigerian economy, with 62.6 per cent of the population living in poverty. Despite the enormous potentials and natural endowments in Nigeria, efforts aimed at eradicating poverty do not always yield expected dividends, thus escalating the rate of terrorist activities, banditry, kidnapping, prostitution, and... Continue here

Influence Of Academic Control And Academic Stress On Online Test Anxiety: A Structural Equation Modelling Study
This study focuses on the influence of academic control and academic stress on online test anxiety using structural equation modelling approach. Two hypotheses guided the study. The data for the study was collected from one thousand secondary school students (540 females and 460 males) using purposive sampling techniques in Ughelli North Local Government Area of... Continue here

Online Teaching And Learning As Alternative Route For Sustainable Education During And Post Covid-19 Era In Nigeria: Challenges And Prospects
The outbreak of epidemics, pandemics and other natural calamities has become an integral component of humanity. These have produced varying effects and tended to re-write the history and the lifestyle, culture, custom and tradition of communities and nations. The COVID-19 pandemic has produced the biggest disruption of education systems in human history. The... Continue here

Command Secondary School Teachers’ Perceived Usefulness Of Electronic Media For Teaching-learning In Lagos State
The general objective of this study was to investigate the perceived usefulness of command secondary school teachers towards utilization of electronic media for teaching in Lagos State. The study was a descriptive type using quantitative approach of the survey method. Three hundred (300) teachers were randomly selected from the teachers in command secondary school... Continue here

Problem Of Students In Learning Biology Practical In Ilorin West Local Government Area, Kwara State
The study investigated the problems of students in learning Biology practical in senior secondary schools in Ilorin West LGA, Kwara State. Three research questions and two hypotheses guided the study. Descriptive survey was adopted for this study. The population comprised SS1 to SS3 Biology students in Ilorin-West LGA, Kwara State. Questionnaires were involved in... Continue here

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