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Integrity Journal of Education and Training (IJET) is an Open Access, Peer-Reviewed Journal that Publishes full length research, short communication, review, perspective and editorial in all areas of Education, Training, Vocation and related subjects. IJET is committed to advancing and sharing creative, innovative and emerging ideas that will bring about positive change and... Continue here

CURRENT ISSUE (Vol.3 (3) August 2019)

Episteme And The Study Of The African Religious Heritage: Towards The Use Of Relative Epistemologies
The African religious experience and heritage have been a focal point of enquiry for many centuries. Unfortunately, the depiction of such an African cultural and religious heritage have often been characterized by misconceptions and elaborate distortions. These appear to be a result of detached approaches that western scholars used in the interrogation or... Continue here

Issues And Management Strategies Of Budgeting System In Nigerian Education
The paper examined the issues and strategies for budgetary allocation in Nigerian educational system. However, the concept of budgeting was defined, the issues relating to the types, importance, the procedures for budgeting system was examined. However, this paper explored the problems associated with budgeting allocation, implementation and evaluation.... Continue here

Influence Of Teachers On Nigerian Students’ Behaviour In Basic Science And Technology
Teachers are trained and certificated professionals who give direction and advice to learners. Teachers’ behaviour, academic achievement and acquired skills have direct bearing on students’ personality. Teachers are the main factors in educational development of a nation. It is in this view that this study is geared at investigating the influence of... Continue here

Revitalizing Teacher Education For Political Stability And National Security In Nigeria
Teacher Education is a veritable tool for the educational development in Nigeria. It is a process of preparing teachers for professional roles. This paper discussed revitalizing teacher education for political stability and national security. The paper discussed the conceptual model of educational dimension in any political process. The trend of educational... Continue here