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CURRENT ISSUE (Vol.5 (2) June 2024)

A Pragmatic Analysis Of Selected Asuu Strike Memes Motivated Humour On Social Media
Memes, as humorous and visually captivating pieces of content, have revolutionized the way people communicate and express themselves on social media platforms. During times of academic unrest caused by the recurring ASUU strikes, these memes have played a pivotal role in providing a creative outlet for expressing frustrations, criticisms, and solidarity among... Continue here

Historicising The Unchanging Face Of Nigeria’s Foreign Policy Thrust From 1960 To 2015
Foreign policy is a tool. It is a means to an end, but not the end itself. What a nation gets from foreign policy on the international scene is dependent on its skill in negotiating, applying force and bargaining appropriately. In Nigeria for instance, foreign policy is seen as definitional or doctrine, and as such, using foreign policy thrust to advance the... Continue here

Gender And The Public Realm In Nigeria: Hannah Arendt‘s Perspective
Hannah Arendt, renowned for her insights into political philosophy, particularly in "The Human Condition" and "On Revolution", delineates the dichotomy between the public and private realms. In her analysis, the public sphere represents a space of political agency and rational discourse, crucial for the realization of human freedom and... Continue here

Historicising The Dynamics Of Intergroup Relations Between The Kuteb And Ichen People Of Southern Taraba In North-eastern Nigeria, 1900-2022
Research on inter-group relations in the Southern part of Taraba State, Nigeria is relatively new because Nigerian scholars are more concerned with researching global topics or major ethnic groups while they neglect or give little attention to minority ethnic groups. This has made literature on the subject matter of intergroup relations scarce, hence the need for... Continue here

Exploring Social Media As An Apparatus For Audience Engineering In The Nigerian Theatre Milieu
This study investigates the use of social media as an apparatus for audience engineering in the Nigerian theatre milieu. This interrogation becomes vital as live theatre in Nigeria continues to struggle to maintain clientele due to decreasing audience response. Using the mixed-method approach, this paper explores engaging social media channels (Facebook, YouTube,... Continue here

A Feminist Stylistic Analysis Of The Selected Poems From My Heart In Your Hands: Poems From Namibia
This study provides a feminist stylistic analysis of fifteen (15) selected poems from My Heart in Your Hands: Poems from Namibia from a feminist stylistic perspective, thus the study examines language and gender in anthropology. The research aimed to examine how lexis is used to represent women in the selected poems; to analyse how syntax is used to show the roles... Continue here

A Study Of Bribery And Corruption In Exodus 23: 8 And The Nigerian Experience
Bribery and corruption are social global phenomena that have generated debates among scholars. They are problems of routine deviation from established standards and norms by public officers and parties with whom they interact. It is widely held that bribery and corruption are the bane of the development of many nations in the world today. Previous studies on... Continue here

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