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ISSN: 2811-2407
Model: Open Access/Peer Reviewed
DOI: 10.31248/IJAH
Start Year: 2020

Historicising the dynamics of intergroup relations between the Kuteb and Ichen people of Southern Taraba in North-eastern Nigeria, 1900-2022   |   Article Number: 60EC15FD4   |   Vol.5 (2) - June 2024

Received Date: 31 May 2024   |   Accepted Date: 28 June 2024  |   Published Date: 30 June 2024

Authors:  Yaweh Filibus* , Samuel Ruth Agbu , Adugba Rebecca Anyanu and Talatu Emmanuel Maimolo

Keywords: development, dynamics, Ichen, intergroup relations, Kuteb.

Research on inter-group relations in the Southern part of Taraba State, Nigeria is relatively new because Nigerian scholars are more concerned with researching global topics or major ethnic groups while they neglect or give little attention to minority ethnic groups. This has made literature on the subject matter of intergroup relations scarce, hence the need for this study. The study adopts the historical method of research which involves the use of primary and secondary sources for data collection. Primary sources include oral interviews and materials from the National Archives Kaduna. Secondary sources used are published books, undergraduate project reports, and internet materials. The findings of this study reveal that the Kuteb and Ichen people of Southern Taraba have for a long time been engaged in inter-ethnic relations which has significantly impacted their development as a people. This study contributes to the broader argument on intergroup relations by providing empirical evidence from the Kuteb and Ichen people. It demonstrates how marriage, economic interactions, and social contacts collectively enhance social cohesion, cultural exchange, and economic interdependence, which are crucial for peaceful and productive intergroup relations. These findings support the view that interdependence and cooperation are inherent in human societies and essential for their development and stability.

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