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ISSN: 2782-750X
Model: Open Access/Peer Reviewed
DOI: 10.31248/GJFS
Start Year: 2018

Income inequality and producers share among fish farming households in Kaduna metropolis, Kaduna State, Nigeria   |   Article Number: CCEE810E2   |   Vol.3 (4) - October 2021

Received Date: 24 September 2021   |   Accepted Date: 29 October 2021  |   Published Date: 30 October 2021

Authors:  Balogun O. S.* , Usman M. B. , Aasa O. S. , Akure C. O. , Afolabi, A. O. , Nwahia, O. C. and Agbomaka F. I.

Keywords: aquaculture, farmers share, welfare.

The study examined inequality and farmers share among fish farmers in Kaduna metropolis. Multistage sampling procedure was employed to select fish producers and marketers. Primary data was collected with the use of questionnaire administered to eighty producers. Descriptive statistics, net farm income and measures of profitability such as return per capital invested, marketing margin, farmer’s share and Gini index were used to analyze the data. The enterprise profit was estimated at N235,500.00 and a return per capital invested of 0.62. The index of income variability (Gini index) was 53 percent. Male headed households have slightly lower income inequality than their female counterparts. The challenges confronting the enterprise include poor access to credit, high cost of production and poor processing facilities. The study recommends provision of credit facilities, stable and affordable electricity to fish farmers to further enhance their business.

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