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Microbial Degradation Of Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon In Crude Oil Polluted Soil Ameliorated With Agro-wastes
Microbial degradation of Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon (TPH) in crude oil polluted soil ameliorated with agro-wastes was assessed. Six kilogrammes of each composite soil samples collected from three points were weighed into 150 plastic buckets with drainage holes at the base. The soil samples were spiked with 300 ml of crude oil and treated with agricultural wastes... Continue here

Tree Species Diversity Around Some Mayas In Dinder National Park, Sudan
This study was conducted in Dinder National Park, during the dry season from February to May 2016, with the aim to determine the density, relative density, frequency and abundance of trees in the five Mayas in Dinder National Park. Data was collected using the transect line sampling method in the five Mayas namely; Abdel Ghani, Musa, Ras-Amir, Ein- Elshamis and... Continue here

Botanical Composition And Some Nutrient Contents Of The Diet Consumed By Waterbuck (kobus Ellipsiprymnusdefassa) In Dinder National Park, Sudan
This study was conducted in the Dinder National Park (DNP) at approximately 11 to 13oN and long 34 to 36oE) in 2015 and 2016, in order to determine the botanical composition of the waterbuck’s (Kobus ellipsiprymnusdefassa) diet. The study was mainly done at Abd el Ghani Maya (meadow). A micro-histological technique was used to determine the dietary botanical... Continue here

Air Pollution - Induced Biochemical Changes In Some Plants In Selected Forest Reserves In Edo State, Nigeria
Air pollution has been reported to induce biochemical changes in plants leaves. This study determined the effect of air pollution on chlorophyll a and b and carotenoids of leaf samples from three forest reserves in Edo state, Nigeria. The leaves of the plants were collected from mature trees and used to determine the values of Chlorophyll a, Chlorophyll b and... Continue here

Comparative Study Of The Fractionation And Evaluation Of The Physical Properties Of Bitumen Obtained From Agbabu And Loda In Ilaje Area Of Ondo State
The results from the comparative evaluation of the physical properties and the chemical speciation of bitumen obtained from Agbabu and Loda in Ilaje Area of Ondo State. The results obtained are compared with some of the recent results obtained for heavy metals on Agbabu bitumen, but different methods of analysis to see the variation on the results obtained. The... Continue here

Chemical Evaluation Of Bitumen Obtained From Agbabu And Loda In Ilaje Area, Ondo State, Nigeria
The chemical characteristics of bitumen influence its industrial values and its physical characteristics for road construction. There are vast deposits of bitumen in Agbabu and Loda in Odigbo and Irele area in Ondo State, Nigeria, for years unutilized. The evaluation of their chemical constituents with the imported bitumen, Raynolds Construction Company (RCC)... Continue here

Phylogenetic Relationship Of Hydrocarbon Degrading Fungi Species In Bioremediation
The study focussed on the phylogenetic relationship of hydrocarbon degrading fungi species in bioremediation. Hydrocarbon degrading fungi species were isolated from soil polluted with crude oil and treated with varying concentrations of agro-wastes. DNA sequencing was done on the consortia of fungi isolated. The evolutionary history was inferred by using the... Continue here

Application Of Phytoremediation In The Management Of Oil Spillage: A Review
Crude oil production and distribution have increased the incidence of oil spills throughout the world. Oil spills often cause destructive effects on aquatic and land ecosystems. The oil spill clean-up and recovery techniques are challenging and usually involve complex mechanical, chemical, and biological methods. Usually, mechanical removal of free oil is utilized... Continue here

Spatial Distribution Of Heavy Metal Contamination Indexes In Soils Around Auto-mechanic Workshop Clusters In Yenagoa Metropolis, Bayelsa State, Nigeria
Heavy metals are substances of great health and environmental concern owing to their high discharge rates into the environments in recent years, toxicity as well as persistence in nature. Several anthropogenic activities have been established to induce heavy metals into man’s environment. Studies of this nature were lacking within the study area. Thus, this... Continue here

Use Of I-geo And Enrichment Factor In Assessing Soil Pollution Status Around Auto-mechanic Workshop Clusters In Yenagoa, Bayelsa State, Nigeria
Heavy metals could be induced into new environments either naturally or anthropogenically. Anthropogenic input of heavy metals into soils has been on the increase in recent years in various towns and cities as it is a major means through which heavy metals that were not indigenous to a given geographical area could be introduced into new environments. The need to... Continue here

Petrophysical Parameters Estimation And Reservoir Characterisation Based On Well Log Data In The Joya Mair Oil Field, Minwal X-01 Well, Potwar Sub-basin And Upper Indus Basin Of Pakistan
The aim of this study is to assess the reservoir potential of the Eocene age Chorgali and Sakesar formations encountered in Minwal X-01 Well Potwar Sub-Basin.The current study is concerned with the reservoir potential evaluation using petrophysical approach of Minwal X-01 located in Potwar basin. Minwal X-01 is selected for research, where the prevailing... Continue here

Reconnaissance Geological And Geochemical Studies Of The Precambrian Rocks In Erijiyan Area, Southwestern Nigeria: Implications For Mineral Exploration
Reconnaissance geological and geochemical studies were carried out on the rocks at Erijiyan area to determine its mineral potentials thereby providing a framework for its exploration. Ten fresh rock samples were collected using grid controlled sampling method at a sampling density of one sample per 100sq km2. The rocks were subsequently prepared for petrographic... Continue here

Estimation Of Secchi Depth And Total Suspended Solids In Water Bodies Adjourning Brick Production Sites In Benue State, Nigeria
This study assessed the Secchi depth (or transparency) and total dissolved solids (TDS) of some rivers and streams adjourning brick sites in eight selected Local Government Areas of Benue State (LGAs), Nigeria. The Secchi disk was used in evaluation of Secchi depth. The Cambo Waterproof Tester brand of HANNA digital instrument was used in taking on-site direct... Continue here

Characteristic Temporal Variability And Trend Of Annual Rainfall Series In Port Harcourt Nigeria, A Tropical Coastal Location
Rainfall analysis over a locality provides useful information for sustainable water resources management over such an area. The paper is designed to examine the temporal variability of annual rainfall amount in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. Using monthly rainfall amount for a period of 41 years, Standardized Precipitation Index (SPI) and other statistical tools were... Continue here

Assessment Of Building Failure Within And Around Quarries
The substructures of various engineering structures that were erected on the earth are being were been supported by the soil. Hence, the nature of the soil supporting these structures becomes an important issue. Quarry blasting peak particle velocity (QBPPV) is not sufficient to ascertain the causes of foundation failure, therefore, the physical parameters... Continue here

Evaluation Of Phytoremediation Potentials Of Different Plants’ Varieties In Petroleum Products Polluted Soil
A pot experiment was conducted to evaluate the effect of three groundnut varieties (SAMNUT 10, SAMNUT 11 and SAMNUT 22) and two spinach varieties (African Spinach and Feather Cockscomb) on the Total Hydrocarbon Content (THC) on soil samples. Plastic buckets filled with 10 kg of topsoil were pounded daily with a mixture of 1 L of spent engine oil, 1 L of kerosene,... Continue here

Estimation Of Sedimentary Thickness Using Spectral Depth Analysis Approach: A Case Study Of Sokoto Basin Of Northwestern Nigeria
Spectral depth analysis using high resolution aeromagnetic data was carried out to evaluate the sedimentary thickness of northeastern part of Sokoto Basin, Nigeria. The study area is situated between longitude 50 00׳00״E to 6000׳00״E and latitude12030׳00״N to 13030׳N. Covering four (4) sheets namely; sheet 11 (Rabah), sheet 12 (Isah), sheet 30 (Dange) and sheet 31... Continue here

Two-dimensional Image Of Seismic Refraction Tomography And Electrical Resistivity Tomography Survey In A Proposed Geophysical Test Site At Shika, Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, Nigeria
Due to the advancement in technology being applied in geophysics, it is of importance that a geophysical test site center is established for calibration, training, and demonstration of such equipment. An integrated geophysical survey of the area has been conducted, with the aim of characterizing the subsurface structures and lithology. Thereafter, different types... Continue here

Planning For A Sustainable Water Supply Through Improved Rainwater Harvesting System In Hong Local Government Area Of Adamawa State, Nigeria
This paper examined water supply and demand in Hong Local Government Area (LGA) with a view to planning a sustainable rainwater harvesting system. The plan projected population in the area is 223,176 with an average of 5 persons per household. Similarly, there are 1,038 existing water supply infrastructures in form of wells and boreholes in seven (7) districts... Continue here

Geo-environmental Engineering Site Evaluation For Shallow Foundation Design In Akoko Area Of Ondo State, Southwestern Nigeria
Civil engineering structures like buildings, dams, bridges, roads etc. are built or rest on soils, hence the bearing capacity and settlement characteristics of foundation soil to support the structure is important in effective structural design. Consequently, engineering site evaluation was carried out in Akoko area of Ondo State, Nigeria with the aim of... Continue here

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