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DOI: 10.31248/AJPS
Start Year: 2018

CURRENT ISSUE (Vol.5 (2) April 2023)

Delineation Of Source Magnetization And Subsurface Discontinuity Of Ririwai Ring Complex Along Kano, North Western Nigeria
High Resolution Aeromagnetic (HRAM) data of Ririwai (sheet 126) which lies between latitude 10° 30' to 11° 00' N and longitude 8° 30' E to 9° 00' E, was used for this research. The study area, Ririwai is situated along Kano, in the Northwestern part of Nigeria, both qualitative and quantitative interpretation techniques were... Continue here

Geoelectrical, Hydrochemical, And Health Risk Assessment Of Groundwater Quality In Fountain University, Osogbo, Nigeria
Geoelectrical method and physiochemical analyses were applied to obtain subsurface resistivity variation and water quality assessment respectively in Fountain University, Osogbo, Osun State. A young academic institution with a measurable growing population is seriously concerned with the hygienic situation within its environment, especially water quantity and... Continue here

A Theoretical Framework For Nonlinear Dynamics In Finance Systems: Implications For Stability, Control And Synchronization
It has been widely observed that most deterministic dynamical systems go into chaos for some values of their parameters. One of the most popular and widely used criteria is the conditional Lyapunov exponents, which constitute average measurements of expansion or shrinkage of small displacements along the synchronized trajectory. The Lyapunov characteristic... Continue here

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