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Evaluation Of The Impact Of Chemical Admixtures On The Compressive Strength Properties Of Concrete
This study was carried out to evaluate the effect of chemical admixtures on the compressive strength of concretes. The concretes were produced with the concrete mix ratio of 1:2:4, while water to cement (w/c) ratios of 0.35, 0.4, 0.45, 0.5 and 0.55 were adopted. Different concrete mixtures were produced using two chemical admixtures (hydroxycarboxylic acid and... Continue here

Design, Development And Performance Evaluation Of A Smart Office Automation System
This research work aimed at the design, development and performance of Office Automation System, using the Internet of Things (IoT) based and Voice Recognition Command. The data is stored in personal computer (PC) or android smartphone. Arduino IDE was the framework used in the development of the system, while C++ was the programming language used for programming... Continue here

Evaluation Of The Mechanical Properties Of Sawdust, Oil Bean Pod Filler, Raffia Palm Fibre And Caco3 Filled/epoxy Hybridized Composite
This work was carried out to develop green composite from organic materials which are cheaply available within Nigeria. This study deals with the hybridization of epoxy composite with different organic materials. Five diffident composites were produced with the hybridization of matrix, sawdust (SD), raffia palm fibre (RPF), oil bean pod filler (OBPF) and calcium... Continue here

Applicability Of Varshni Potential To Predict The Mass Spectra Of Heavy Mesons And Its Thermodynamic Properties
In this present study, the radial Schrödinger equation is solved analytically with Varshni potential model using the Nikiforov-Uvarov method. The energy equation and corresponding wave function were obtained. The analytical energy expression was used to predict the mass spectra of heavy quarkonia such as charmonium and bottomonium. Also, the thermodynamic... Continue here

Investigation Of Young’s Modulus And Thermal Conductivity Of Epoxy Based Composite Fiberglass Material
In this research work, an investigation was made on the Young’s Modulus and thermal conductivity of fiberglass material reinforced with epoxy resin and hardener gum. Composites are made up with epoxy resin: hardener gum mixture of 10:1 ratio. Dog bone type specimen with end tab samples were prepared in different layers to find the Young’s modulus by... Continue here

The Connection Between The Critical Frequency And The Total Electron Content Of The Ionosphere At Low And High Solar Activity Period
Ionosonde-f0F2 measurements and corresponding GNSS TEC measurements have been analysed. Available f0F2 and TEC data respectively obtained from a pair of ionosonde and GNSS receiver stations of a mid-latitude station, named MO155, located in Moscow (55.8˚N, 37.2˚E), for 2010 and 2014 was used. Data for two years were respectively used in the study to represent... Continue here

3-dimensional Simulation Of Light Transport In Tissue Using A Steady State Monte Carlo Method For Photodynamic Therapy Application
Photodynamic therapy (PDT) is a developing treatment modality for cancer and surface carcinomas that uses a combination of non-ionizing light in the presence of a photosensitizing (PS) agent and oxygen to produce singlet oxygen that can be combined with other physiological factors to cause an organ cells death of the target area. This research simulates the... Continue here

The Use Of Semi-markov Model To Determine The Efficacy Of Cdc Staging Criterion In Nigeria (a Case Study Of General Hospital Minna, Niger State)
Semi-Markov model in discrete state and time to study the trajection among the various defined HIV/AIDs stages has been presented in this paper. The model was used to determine the staging of HIV- infected clients reported at heart-to-heart clinic of General Hospital Minna, Niger State, Nigeria for a period of 10 years. The result shows that there is no transition... Continue here

Dependence Of Raindrop Size And Shape Parameters On Rain Attenuation Prediction Over A Tropical Location
Rain attenuation is a phenomenon that weakens signal propagation, particularly in high frequency bands and in areas with significant rainfall rates, one of which is the tropical area. Falling raindrops undergo changes in shapes as they grow in sizes. The goal of this research is to use a theoretical method to examine the impact of drop shapes and sizes on rain... Continue here

An Evaluation Of African Eggplant Fruits Engineering Properties In Relation To Robotic Harvesting
The construction and application of eggplant harvesting robot required some basic physical characteristics and mechanical properties of the eggplant fruit. The physical characteristics (geometric mean diameter, surface area, volume, sphericity, and weight), and mechanical properties (failure energy, failure force, deformation, shear resistance, and shear force) of... Continue here

Determination Of The Efficiency Of Combination Therapies On The Bioremediation Of Petroleum Spill Aquatic Ecosystem
Environmental degradation resulting from petroleum spills had become a major menace in most petroleum rich regions of the world. The remediation potential of individual green materials and their combinations were quantified in this study. Stimulated petroleum spill water was remediated with water lettuce, activated charcoal, rice husks and their combinations,... Continue here

Investigation Of Relative Abundance Of Radioelement Concentration Over A Portion Along Birnin Yauri, Northwestern Nigeria
The radiometric method involves the measurement of naturally occurring radioactive materials emitting the ionization radiation (α, β, from rocks). In the field, the gamma rays and their adequate energies are detected by a spectrometer coupled with the scintillation detector. Three (3) high resolution airborne radiometric data obtained from the Nigerian... Continue here

Convexity Properties And Inequalities Regarding The Q-gamma Function
This paper is motivated by the work of K. Nantomah in 2017. In the paper, some convexity properties and some inequalities for the (p, k)-analogue of the Gamma function,  were given. The method engaged in displaying the result makes use of the (p, k)-analogue of the Gamma function. In addition, H der’s integral inequality, Young’s inequality and... Continue here

Convolutional Neural Network (cnn): The Architecture And Applications
The human brain is made up of several hundreds of billions of interconnected neurons that process information in parallel. Researchers in the field of artificial intelligence have successfully demonstrated a considerable level of intelligence on chips and this has been termed Neural Networks (NNs).  Neural networks, also known as artificial neural networks... Continue here

Thermal And Atomic Properties Of Hydrogen Atom And Diatomic Molecules In Wilson-racah Quantum System
In this study, a conventional quantum mechanics in which the potential function is not specified but replaced by specifying four parameters Wilson-Racah orthogonal polynomials in the energy and physical parameter space was presented. The wave function is written as a bounded sum of elements of a complete basis with these polynomials as expansion coefficients. By... Continue here

Thermal Properties Of Coulomb-type Potentials In A Magnetic Field Using The Phase – Integral Model
The work examined some Coulomb-type potentials under the influence of magnetic field potential and some select thermodynamic functions. The combination of the chosen Coulomb-type potentials and the magnetic field formed the generalized potentials which were put into the time independent radial Schrodinger equation and solution for the energy eigenvalues obtained... Continue here

Delineation Of Source Magnetization And Subsurface Discontinuity Of Ririwai Ring Complex Along Kano, North Western Nigeria
High Resolution Aeromagnetic (HRAM) data of Ririwai (sheet 126) which lies between latitude 10° 30' to 11° 00' N and longitude 8° 30' E to 9° 00' E, was used for this research. The study area, Ririwai is situated along Kano, in the Northwestern part of Nigeria, both qualitative and quantitative interpretation techniques were... Continue here

Geoelectrical, Hydrochemical, And Health Risk Assessment Of Groundwater Quality In Fountain University, Osogbo, Nigeria
Geoelectrical method and physiochemical analyses were applied to obtain subsurface resistivity variation and water quality assessment respectively in Fountain University, Osogbo, Osun State. A young academic institution with a measurable growing population is seriously concerned with the hygienic situation within its environment, especially water quantity and... Continue here

A Theoretical Framework For Nonlinear Dynamics In Finance Systems: Implications For Stability, Control And Synchronization
It has been widely observed that most deterministic dynamical systems go into chaos for some values of their parameters. One of the most popular and widely used criteria is the conditional Lyapunov exponents, which constitute average measurements of expansion or shrinkage of small displacements along the synchronized trajectory. The Lyapunov characteristic... Continue here

Some Inequalities Bounding Certain Ratios Of The Q-gamma Function
In this short paper, we established q- analogues of some well-known inequalities for the classical Gamma function and some inequalities bounding the ratio , where  is the q-analogue of the Gamma function. The method employed in presenting the results made use of strict logarithmic convexity of a function and classical mean value theorem involving the... Continue here

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