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DOI: 10.31248/AJPS
Start Year: 2018

Some inequalities bounding certain ratios of the q-gamma function   |   Article Number: 1BDE36A91   |   Vol.5 (3) - June 2023

Received Date: 29 March 2023   |   Accepted Date: 16 June 2023  |   Published Date: 30 June 2023

Author:  Hashimu, Mohammed

Keywords: psi function, Mean value theorem, q-analogue of the psi function, q-gamma functions, strict logarithmic convexity.

In this short paper, we established q- analogues of some well-known inequalities for the classical Gamma function and some inequalities bounding the ratio , where  is the q-analogue of the Gamma function. The method employed in presenting the results made use of strict logarithmic convexity of a function and classical mean value theorem involving the q-analogue of the psi function. At the end, the proven result provided the q-analogue of some known result concerning the classical Gamma function.

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