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Effects Of Lima Beans (phaseolus Lunatus L.) Cyanide On The Glutathione (gsh) And Some Selected Enzymes Of Liver Damage In Wistar Rats
Lima beans (Phaseolus lunatus L) are recognized, vining leguminous plant with cyanide constituent. The effects of Lima beans cyanide on the glutathione (GSH) level and liver damage enzymes like Aspartate aminotransferase (AST), Alanine aminotransferase (ALP) and Alkaline phosphate (ALP) were investigated. Twenty-four (24) self-breed male albino Wistar rats were... Continue here

Determination Of Pharmaceutical Residues In Sediment Using Solid Phase Extraction And High Performance Liquid Chromatographic Technique
Pharmaceutical residues (PRs) are emerging contaminants reaching the aquatic environment through treated and untreated wastewater from several sources. Pharmaceutical residues can remain in the dissolved phase or be adsorbed on the sediment. This study focused on the occurrence, characterization, and quantification of PRs in the sediment of Oke-afa canal in Isolo,... Continue here

Acute Toxicological Effect Of Glyphosate-based Herbicide (round Up) With Cadmium As A Co-contaminant On African Catfish (clarias Gariepinus)
The possible toxicological effect of Round Up (RU) interacting with cadmium on juvenile African catfish was investigated. Juvenile catfish of mean weight 30 ± 0.3 g and mean standard length of 15±0.1 cm were exposed to constant sublethal concentration of 10 mg/L RU glyphosate herbicide and varying sublethal concentrations of cadmium (4.0 and 4.5... Continue here

Synthesis, Characterization And Biological Profiles Of Schiff Base Aldimines Derived From N-n1-diphenyl-o-pyrol-6-methyleneacetate And Its Cu2+ And Fe2+ Complexes
The aldimine ligand N-N1-diphenyl-o-pyrol-6-methyleneacetate (PPA) was prepared by a condensation reaction between 2-phenylglycinemethyesterhydrochloride and pyrol-2-carbaldehyde which was used to synthesize transition metal complexes of Cu(II) and Fe(II) employing the microwave assisted technique. The ligand and complexes were characterized by FTIR, UV, XRD, and... Continue here

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