Special Issue

Integrity Research Journal publishes special issue at interval with focused topic on the current interest in order to better serve our academic community. To achieve this, special issues are welcome at specified time during the year in any fields with a specific subject or area of interest. Special issues will be organized by the Editorial Board of the specific Journal and it is time bound. An experienced author or well-recognized expert in a specific field can suggest a topic for special issue which is subjected to the approval of the journal’s Editorial Board.

Steps for Special:

  • Title: A proposed topic or scope of the special issue should be suggested by any qualified author, reviewver or Editorial Board member.
  • Journal: The journal for the special issue should be specified.
  • Aim and Scope: The aims and scope of the Special Issue should be clearly stated. An overview of the special Issue’s intended focus and the list of the topics to cover should be given.
  • Approval: The proposed topic, aim or scope of the special issue must undergo the approval of the editorial board members of the journal.
  • Time or Period: The time duration for the submission of the special issue and the publication date should be clearly stated.
  • Guest Editors: The names of the Guest Editor(s), Affiliations, Contact email and a paragraph of their area of expertise should be given.
  • Invitation: Potential Authors will be invited to submit a Special Issue (only review articles) on the proposed topic which will be time bound.
  • Publication: All submitted special issue will be peer-reviewed and processed in line with the Journal procedure and published on the proposed date of publication.

All proposals or communication related to special issue should be forwarded to specialedition@integrityresjournals.org

Note that all suggested topic or proposals will be subjected to the approval of the journal's Editorial Board.

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