Research Journal of Food Science and Nutrition (RJFSN) (ISSN: 2536-7080) is an Open Access, Peer-Reviewed Journal that is positioned to publish research articles of exceptional significance in all areas of subject such as Food science, Food nutrition, Food engineering, Food processing, Food Biotechnology, Food microbiology, Food chemistry, Food safety and hygiene e.t.c. The journal provides a rapid turn-around time possible for reviewing and publishing. RJFSN publishes per article as soon as the manuscript is accepted and e-books every quarter. All published articles and e-books are freely accessible on the website. Hard copies of the published articles and e-books will be made available to the interested authors on request.

Recent Published Articles

Nutritional and Anti-nutritional Analysis of Monechma ciliatum Leaves. Hassan, L. G., Msheila, H. E., Umar, K. J., Umar A. Umar and Onu, A. | Volume 3. Page 23-30. | Published 1st May, 2018

Assessment of the nutritional knowledge, eating habits and nutritional statuses of healthcare workers in Jos, North-central Nigeria. Mathilda E. Banwat, Samuel A. Haruna, Nanyak G. Vongdip, Angel K. Duru and Tolulope. O. Afolaranmi | Volume 3. Page 15-22. | Published 13th March, 2018

Proximate composition and nutritional value of fish powder composition (FPC) from different dried SIS fishes in Bangladesh. Sarmin Akther, Md. Badrul Islam, Habibur Rahman and Abdus Salam Bhuiyan | Volume 3. Page 9-14. | Published 23rd February, 2018

Proximate composition, functional and phytochemical properties of pre-heated aerial yam flour. Ayo, J. A., Ojo, M. and Obike, J. | Volume 3. Page 1-8. | Published 2nd February, 2018

Efficacy of nutrition counselling on energy and micronutrient intake of pregnant women in Migori County, Kenya. Florence. O. Odiwuor, Judith Kimiywe and Judith Waudo | Volume 2. Page 20-28. | Published 20th November, 2017

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