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ISSN: 2536-7099
Model: Open Access/Peer Reviewed
DOI: 10.31248/JASVM
Start Year: 2016

Journal of Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine (JASVM) (ISSN: 2536-7099) is an Open Access, Peer-Reviewed Journal that publishes original articles in all areas of animal science and health. The Journal is positioned to provide the most rapid system for reviewing and publishing. Articles published in JASVM will be of tremendous contribution to the field of Medicine,... Continue here

CURRENT ISSUE (Vol.3 (5) October 2018)

A Review Of Some Tick-borne Pathogens Of Dogs
Ticks and tick-borne diseases have great economic and medical importance worldwide and they affect both animal and human health by sucking blood and also transmitting protozoan, bacterial, rickettsial, spirochetal and viral agents. Ticks can live in all regions of the world except Polar Regions. Tick-borne encephalitis Virus, Babesiosis, Anaplasmosis,... Continue here

Farmer’s Perception On Ticks Problems And Ethnoveterinary Management Practices In Livestock
Ticks cause serious problems in livestock production. A survey was conducted to know the farmers perception on ticks problems and management practices in livestock at Lamjung, Chitwan and Dang districts, Nepal in 2017/018. Thirty households from each district were randomly selected and semi-structured questionnaire was used to collect necessary information by... Continue here

A Case Of Periparturient Eclampsia And The Consequences In A German-shepherd Bitch
The history of malnutrition and clinical symptoms of high fever, dyspnoea, panting, recumbency, muscular twitching and seizures led to collection of blood samples from a German shepherd bitch on day 60 of gestation at the Veterinary Clinic of Federal College of Animal Health and Production Technology, Ibadan. Symptomatic and supportive therapies administered to... Continue here

Haematological And Serum Biochemical Indices Of Finisher Broilers Fed Spondias Mombin Leaf Meal
An experiment was conducted to investigate the effect of Spondias mombin leaf meal on the blood indices of broiler finisher birds. Spondias mombin leaf meal was used to formulate four broiler finisher rations at 0.0, 5.0, 10.0 and 15.0% inclusion levels. Four groups of fifteen broiler chicks (28 days old) of Agrited breed were randomly assigned to four treatment... Continue here