JASP 2018 Table of Content

Effectiveness of systemic and contact fungicides against Alternaria citri the causal organism of citrus brown spot disease in citrus mangroves of Pakistan

Muhammad Farooq, Naila Ilyas, Moses Kwaku Golly, Bakhshah Zib, Ismail khan, Shoaib Khan, Iltaf Khan, Muhammad Bakhtiar and Nabeela Ilyas
Abstract | Full Text (PDF) | Full Text (HTML) |References | https://doi.org/10.31248/JASP2018.080
Pages:38-45 | Published 20th April, 2018

Agronomic performance evaluation of cowpea seeds holed by the cowpea seed bruchids, Callosobruchus maculatus (F.) in the screen house

Adebayo, R. A., Osobase, F. I. and Adesina, J. M.
Abstract | Full Text (PDF) | Full Text (HTML) |References | https://doi.org/10.31248/JASP2018.071
Pages:33-37 | Published 20th April, 2018

Effect of salinity, humic acid, biozote and vermicompost on soil physicochemical properties and olive plants species

Muhammad Arshad Ullah, Syeda Sana Aamir, Hussnain Haider, Bilal Adil, Imdad Ali Mahmood, Badar-uz-Zaman and Syed Ishtiaq Hyder
Abstract | Full Text (PDF) | Full Text (HTML) |References | https://doi.org/10.31248/JASP2018.069
Pages:27-32 | Published 20th April, 2018

Influence of dietary mineral sources on milk yield and composition of West African Dwarf Does

Olaniyi T. A., Aina A. B. J., Sowande O. S. and Williams T. J.
Abstract | Full Text (PDF) | Full Text (HTML) |References
Pages:19-26 | Published 22nd January, 2018

Simulating effect of climate change on finger millet (Eleusine Coracana) yield under selected tillage practices and soil fertilizers inputs in semi-arid lower Eastern Kenya

Onwonga Richard, Madegwa Yvonne and Shibairo Solomon
Abstract | Full Text (PDF) | Full Text (HTML) |References
Pages:1-18 | Published 18th January, 2018

Determinants of youth participation in dry season vegetables cultivation in urban areas of Ondo State, Nigeria

Ibidapo, I., Faleye, O. M., Akintade, T. F., Oso, O. P. and Owasoyo, E. O.
Abstract | Full Text (PDF) | Full Text (HTML) |References
Pages:109-114 | Published 20th November, 2017

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