GJEES Table of Content 2018

Microbial degradation of total petroleum hydrocarbon in crude oil polluted soil ameliorated with agro-wastes

Agbor R. B., Antai S. P. and Nkanang A. J.
Abstract | Full Text (PDF) | Full Text (HTML) |References
Pages:1-7 |Published:21st March, 2018

Air pollution - Induced biochemical changes in some plants in selected forest reserves in Edo State, Nigeria

Agbaire, P. O., Akporhonor, E. E. and Ogboru R. O.
Abstract | Full Text (PDF) | Full Text (HTML) |References
Pages:21-29 |Published:1st December, 2017

Spatial distribution of Hyphaene thebacia and Ziziphus spina Christi in Riverine Forest of Dinder National Park, Sudan

Tahani Ali Hassan
Abstract | Full Text (PDF) | Full Text (HTML) |References
Pages:15-20 |Published:30th August, 2017

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