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The role of Editor and Editorial board cannot be are of great importance in research publication. Due to their importance, Integrity Research Journals ensured that only qualified and highly experienced researchers and academicians are selected to serve as Editors or Editorial Board Members. Editors and Editorial Board Members are responsible for making final decisions on a manuscript. Integrity Research Journals require all editors and Editorial Board Members to adhere to COPE Code of Conduct for Journal Editors.

Criteria for Editors and Editorial Board Memebers

Researchers or accademicians who desire to serve as Editors or Editorial Board members of Integrity Research Journals must:

1. pocess a doctorate degree from a recognize higher institution of learning

2. have a teaching and research experience of not less than 7 years

3. have published not less than 5 research articles in a reputable and related journals

4. have acted as a reviewer for other related journals

5. have adequate knowledge of the scope of the journal

6. be willing to render voluntery services without renumeration

Steps to becoming Editors and Editorial Board Members

To join the editorial board of Integrity Research Journals, a prospective board member should be an experienced researcher and academician with a doctorate degree. The area of expertise of the prospective board member should fit scope of the journal.

Prospective Editorial board member should forward their recently CV to editorialboard@integrityresjournals.org as an attached file with email subject tittled "Application to become Editorial board member".

Upon submission of your CV, the editorial board will review it and if it met the required criteria, an application form will be sent to the applicant for completion.

Thereafter, a letter of appointment will be sent to the applicant. The appoint will be reviewed and be renewed every 2 years.

NOTE: Editors and Editorial Board Members do not receive any remuneration for their contribution. These positions are purely voluntary. However, a considerable waiver will be granted anytime they publish in Integrity Research Journals.

Editorial freedom

Editors and Editorial Board Members have total freedom in performing their duties. Any form of Interference from the publisher, organization or persons is an act of misconduct and is strictly forbidden.

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